Good to Be Home

Hello! I was so happy to come home and play with my crazy excited Vanna. We played for 30 minutes (fetch. That girl loves her tennis ball mang).

So here is what I bought yesterday in Laguna Beach (downtown?):

^The top ones are wonderful body salt scrubs that smell amazing and make my skin super soft. The others are from the candy shop that Jane bought for me (gummy sunny-side-up eggs and chocolate-covered coffee beans).

After coming back home, we met up with Addie’s family and went over to Song Long Restaurant (French Vietnamese):




We had some decaf coffee and cookies when we all got back to the hotel to end the night. What a great day!


I told you about keeping some sort of routine on vacation, right? And how Jane and I were going to do Insanity? Well we did the Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning (46 minutes). It was certainly insane, my friends.



I don’t know if you can tell but my arms and legs are DRIPPING in sweat. It was also my face… but no one needs to see that.

After washing up, we went to a market to get lunch before heading home!

This place has a great food court with Persian food. They gave us a little sampler plate when we only asked to try one of them. All of the samples were delicious!


We ended up getting a lot of other things in the grocery market while waiting for our food.


We shared the beef koobideh and a butt-ton of basmati rice. SO GOOD!


And this place is known for their fresh bread (huge flatbread for only $2.50 or something):


It was so delicious eaten with all the dips (eggplant, cucumber yogurt, and some other salad-ish one):


Oh, MAN! It was so amazing and we had plenty of snacks on the way home.

I’m so blessed to have these older sisters in my life and so thankful for this wonderful trip! We made so many memories and got to laugh and share so much together 😀


Hope you are enjoying your week. Have a blessed Friday!

2 responses to “Good to Be Home

  1. Thanks for taking pictures for us. And researching where to go. And how to get there. And driving us around everywhere. And knowing where we parked the car 🙂 Thanks for chaperoning us ah-joom-mas. You were indispensable, Michelle!

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