Babysitting Time!

I had the pleasure of babysitting some beautiful babies yesterday! (Okay, fine. I had the pleasure of sitting around while NOEL babysat two babies, haha. At least I kept her company while she did all the work :P).

Susan was kind enough to provide some wraps for us to eat for lunch. I also ate a bunch of the trail mix and the mixed greens. Thanks, Susan!!!

The babies were so amazing and lovely to hang out with all day. Eliyah even prayed before taking a 2.5 hour nap… well, I think she was actually talking on the phone with one of her boyfriends and pretended to sleep when I came in to check on her. Hehe.

It was so great being with these cuties and talking in funny sounds and noises all day. They are so blessed to have such amazing parents 😀


Last night, I had dinner with Joe and Robin. We used a Google Offer for Pho Hoa. Yum, I tell ya!

Then we went to Honeyberry and talked for a couple hours about lots of random things. It was fun to laugh all crazy and have 90% of the people in the room stare at us (but I know they were super interested in what we were talking about).


Plan for today? Go to Bible study, then perhaps go for a run (I haven’t gone running since the 22-mile trail race last week!).

I hope you have a blessed Saturday 😀

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