Play Hard

It’s Sunday! Hope you have been enjoying your weekend.

So what happened yesterday? I was at praise practice and Bible study and then I had to run some errands before getting home. Once I got home, I decided to use the treadmill while watching That 70’s Show. 

Yesterday’s Workout:


Walk 1 mile at 4.7 mph at 1 to 5% incline

Jog 0.25 mile at 6.8 mph and walk 0.75 mile at 4.7 mph at incline

Jog 0.50 mile at 6.8 to 7.0 mph and walk 0.50 mile at an incline

Jog 0.75 mile at 6.8 to 7.1 mph and walk 0.25 mile at an incline

Jog 1.0 mile at 6.9 to 7.2 mph.

Total= 5.0 miles. 


I also did a workout video (got it from the library):


These Core Fusion people know how to kill you during the core work (10 minutes of burning abdominals). The other parts were good but nothing spectacular. I actually enjoyed their sculpting one more than this one.

Joe came over after his school stuff and played hard with a very playful gal:


If you’re wondering why he’s playing with a basketball with Vanna, it’s because her tennis ball bounced off the deck.

Not to worry, we had another tennis ball:


But Joe still wanted to play basketball with her:



Poor thing.

It was a pretty warm day so she was panting like CRAZY. We let her cool off and rest (only to return after dinner to play more fetch). 😀 I love playing with Vanna. She’s a happy, playful dog and loves to run around (did I just describe 90% of dogs?).


I had a Google Offer coupon for Michi Sushi that expired yesterday, so we went in and got our grub on.

Mango Salmon salad for me:


And some kind of Seafood salad for Joe:


These were actually pretty filling, but for our entree, we shared the chirashi:


Definitely full after this one!

So for all that, it came out to $42 bucks (including the coupon purchase, tax, and tip). Not bad, huh?

As far as the restaurant, they obviously give you huge pieces of sashimi, but they don’t cut it that well… and it’s super overpriced. I would only go there with a coupon or discount of some sort.


I just did AbRipperX and Insanity Insane Abs. Since I only had a little run yesterday (5 miles for the week??? I don’t think so!!!), I’m going to go for a run after church today. I would love to go outside to run but I have a feeling it will be nasty hot, so I might have to hit the gym’s treadmill. 


May God bless you richly on this beautiful day!

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