Marathon Training Hath Beguneth


So I have nothing much to do until tomorrow (FAMILY REUNION, BABY), and while I was dillydallying, I remembered that my marathon training of 16 weeks is supposed to start around this time of year.

I’m training for the California International Marathon in Sacramento, taking place on Sunday, December 2nd. Last year was my first full marathon (26.2 miles) and it was done in 3:40. This year, I really super duper want to break 3:40.

What training plan am I using?


Yup. My favorite magazine is Runner’s World and they created this Complete Book of Women’s Running. How awesome is that??

I was lucky enough to get it for $8.50 at a local bookstore. Inside, it offers a plan for beginners (who are more new to running) and an advanced plan for those who have been running at least a couple years. I’m using the 16-week advanced plan again, but this year, I’ll actually try to do all the workouts (starting from week 2 because I was actually supposed to have started last week, oops).

Last year, I would only kind of do the workouts… such as basically NOT doing the speedwork and only making it an easy run… or when it called for a tempo run, I would just make it a normal run.

If you know me, I hate speedwork. I have very few fast-twitch fibers so my body does not react favorably when it comes with kicking it into high gear.

But today, I was a good girl and did what the workout called for: 4 x 800’s. 

Since I got a facial yesterday, I didn’t want to be in the sun because my face would probably burn or tan horribly. Instead, I went to the gym with Joseph (he hit the big boy weights while I hit the treadmill).

Today’s workout:

0.50 mile warmup 7.0-7.2 mph, 0.25 mile walk 4.6 mph

0.50 mile fast run 8.7 mph-9.0mph, 0.25 mile walk 4.6mph

0.50 mile fast run 8.7 mph- 9.0mph, 0.25 mile walk 4.6 mph

0.50 mile fast run 8.8 mph- 9.1 mph, 0.25 mile walk 4.6 mph

0.50 mile fast run 8.9 mph-9.2 mph, 0.25 mile walk 4.6 mph

0.25 mile cooldown 4.3 mph.

Total of 4.0 miles in 36:15. 

I know the time doesn’t really matter because I was walking, but whatevers. So the italicized parts are the 800’s. They were all under 7-minute miles. All of them made me feel super fatigued and just a tiny bit nauseous by the end. Also, I started at one speed and slowly sped up so I was giving it my all by the end of the 800. Luckily, there is a quarter mile to recover before the next one.

Super sweat and feeling like I need to hurl? Fun times.

Since Joe was still working out, I hit the weights for a tiny bit. I did some rows on the machine (3 sets, 12 reps, 55-weaksauce-pounds, slow negatives or whatever it’s called).

I also did some shoulder burnouts and got owned by the 5-pound weights. Who the heck gets nauseous from 5-pounders doing burnouts??? MISS THUNDERTHIGHS, apparently. So I switched down to the 2.5 pounders, which were a little too light, but at least it didn’t make me want to hurl.

My apologies to those who were actually lifting heavy weights and had to see a tall Asian girl with dinky weights doing weird arm exercises.

Post workout nosh: SunWarrior Protein and a Pure Organic Cherry Cashew bar. Yum 🙂


Hey. Check out my lunch:


Soba noodles, a whole bag of spring mix, a boiled egg, and hummus dressing. So very simple, and so very delicious. Also, it was healthy and filling.

Remember those days when I used to always eat some sort of salad? Yeah. I need to get back into that.

Not only am I doing my marathon training, I want to eat well (instead of working out and eating a crap-ton of dessert) and get into stellar shape to hopefully improve my marathon time by leaps and bounds.


It’s been a long time, but Joe’s family is having a family Bible study and I can actually attend since I’m in town (before, I had youth retreat, SoCal trip, etc.). I’m excited!


Have a wonderful evening, everyone!

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