Family Reunion

It’s too bad that I only got to be there a short while. My cousin rented a big house in Berkeley and we had a great time going to the playground and eating out!

Guess what. My grandpa has SIX  GREAT GRANDDAUGHTERS! Here are five of them:

The rest of us just hung out while the girls played (okay, fine. Some of the dads had to run out to the playground with them. I’m pretty sure energetic kids will keep you skinny).

Then we were off to dinner! I rode with my cousin Min and his daughter, Asia!

And here is the youngest of the girls, Olivia :D! She was play-eating before the food came out, hehe:

My older brother and I were at the table with our Grandpa, our parents, and our aunts and uncles. The other table was our cousins and their girls.

After many many dishes of Chinese seafood, it was picture time! Here is Yuna, the oldest of the great grandkids:

And the second oldest, Juniper. I’m glad these kids know how to do silly faces.

After being completely stuffed, we went outside and Emma and Sylvie showed everyone how to keep warm (1. wrap arms around yourself, 2. jump around).

Then Michelle (in the middle) bought some milk tea for us! Thanks, Michelle!

We came back to the house and had some fun with the YouCam on my computer.

^Tehehe! Even my parents got in on it.

I had such a great time seeing my grandpa, all my cousins, and all the nieces. I can’t wait to see them all again :D. Hopefully, the girls will still want to hang out with me.


Yesterday was a rest day from running, so I actually didn’t run! But since I would get extremely antsy, I did 16 minutes of core work with a medicine ball.

On the schedule today? A short tempo run: 2 mile warm-up, 2 mile tempo, 2 mile cool down. Easycakes… I hope.


Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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