No Regrets and My First Tempo Run

Yesterday, I had my last full day of nothingdom. I woke up rather late (9 am), and got to dillydally for a while as I prepared some things to take to the school apartment.

In the middle of it all, I whipped up the most random-yet-delicious lunch. I’m kind of NOT PICKY and will put any ingredient that I enjoy into one bowl and mix it up. Two fried eggs? Check. One super sweet tomato? Check. One cup of soba noodles? You betcha. Trader Joe’s Hummus dressing? Sure, why not!

Omg. I’m pretty sure you guys are well aware of my love for eggs, especially when the yolk is still runny. Well one of the egg yolks was all gooey and mixed into everything… making it so flippin yummy.

It probably would have made a lot more sense to make this into some kind of toasted sandwich kind of thing with cheese instead of eating it with soba noodles… but this is more fun, hehe.


My mom and I went to Target and picked up 4 times as many things as we wrote down on our list.

After reading other blogs, I’m happy to find that we are not alone 😛


Okay. So as I was doing pretty much nothing all day yesterday, I had a short temp run looming in the back of my mind. I put it off to do later in the day and then suddenly there were some things to get done and the time went away. I wanted to do this run outdoors but today’s sundown was projected to be at 7:50pm. It was around 7:20pm already… so I had to muster up all my willpower and force myself to go to the gym. Luckily, it’s less than 15 minutes away!

Yesterday’s Workout: 

Treadmill: 2 mile warmup at 8:20 to 8:12 pace.

2 mile run at 7:30 to 7:24 pace.

2 mile cooldown at 8:12 to 8:30 pace.

0.25 mile walk at 4.4 mph.

(all done at 0.5% incline).

Total: 6.2 miles in 51:05.

As I was starting this tempo run, I realized something… I don’t really know what a tempo run is!

After coming home, I had to look up what exactly I was supposed to do. Remember, though I did this training plan last year, I kind of cheated and never sped up more than my uber comfortable zone. That’s probably how I didn’t get faster 😛

I got my training plan from the Complete Book of Women’s Running. 

Here is what it says about tempo runs:

Okay. Good to know that I DID do the right thing. Well, I guess I did the 2-mile tempo part a little faster than my 10K pace, but I think that is fine.

Anyways, walking out of the gym, I felt so awesome and cleansed. It was great challenging myself with the tempo run and actually following the plan as it was written in the book. Hooray!

Lesson yesterday? Even if it’s at the end of the day and your bed is trying to super-seduce you to lay down on it and do nothing, just walk away from it and take baby steps…

First, just put on your workout clothes. Then get your gym gear together (towel? magazine? music?). Lastly, grab your fluid or electrolytes and your keys and get out the door. Just DO IT.

For me, I have never regretted a workout… I have only regretted NOT doing a workout (okay, fine… not true. I regretted doing a tough workout a couple days before a race. Besides that, NO REGRETS!).


On the marathon training plan for the next few days?

Thur (today): An easy 4-mile run.

Fri: Off/few easy miles

Sat: 9 miles

Sun: 4 miles easy.

Since I’m going to be in Las Vegas until Saturday, I will probably switch the days around a little bit and make the long run on Sunday.

Also, I’m moving in to my school apartment this morning! Woo hoo!


Have a blessed Thursday!

For those of you who have followed a training plan… did you follow almost exactly what it said? Or end up doing your own thing?

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