First Day of School and a 9-miler

Hello, and greetings from SFSU!

Okay… there are a number of things I left at home, one of which is my CAMERA, *GASP*. So there will only be silly pictures from my laptop (once we can connect to the stupid internet in our apartment) during this week.

Wow. I’m pretty sure I already walked a couple of miles just tracking down where I’m supposed to go for classes, getting books, figuring where to get a parking permit (which sent me into the city… without all the necessary documents, whoops), then going out to Target with the roommate for some apartment necessities and THEN it was only 3:30pm. What…

So after hanging out with one of the roommates, I went out for a 9 mile run. This is the run that was supposed to be this past weekend… but I was having too much fun in Vegas to think about running 9 miles on a treadmill.

I love that my on-campus housing is right next to the library AND Lake Merced! It’s really quite beautiful! The only bad thing is that there are tons of cars driving nearby.


Another good thing is that it’s all gentle rolling hills. Perfect for training but kind of slows down my speed a tiny bit.

The weather? Super duper sunny, windy at some parts, and quite warm (high 60’s). I would say those are pretty good conditions for running!

So I finished the 9 miles in 1:16. I jogged and walked around for about another 0.5 mile to cool off. What a great first day at SFSU!


Okay. Don’t worry, I will get to actual studying and such… probably after I’ve gone through my first week. I have no excuses because our place is seriously so close to the library. Plus, I talked to the roommate and we already decided that we would motivate each other and nerd it up this semester ;D


Pray that I will certainly nerd it up and be a great student!

I hope your Monday was full of blessings!

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