Busy-ish Times

Wow. Kind of crazy how the lines everywhere are so very very long. I’ve been waiting for the bookstore line to calm down and it is RAGIN’ all day, all the time. I hope it subdues soon…

I also had to walk all around the campus to get some paperwork, and I gotta say… exploring the school was pretty fun! If you didn’t know, I’m pretty much SUPER overdue for a college experience. Being on campus is so new and exciting to me 🙂

So I’m kind of lovin’ the weather. It is sunny, breezy, and cool. Super loves it 😀 (I was afraid it would always be so overcast that I have some weird seasonal affective disorder… unless of course this week is a fluke and the cloudy days are on the way).

Here’s the view right now. I love all the windows in the living room. My room is super dark, so I’ve been hanging out here when I can. Can you tell it’s MIGHTY SUNNY?




I made some soba/buckwheat noodles for the roomie last night and it was her first time trying it. “Chewy,” she says. She also said it was pretty good (I mixed it up with some spinach and peanut dressing)… but I have a feeling she would rather just eat the normal wheat pasta 😛


I’m supposed to have a rest day for my marathon training plan, so I will do some light yoga after class today.

Also, I’m hoping I’ll finally be assigned some homework or reading because I haven’t had anything to do (except other boring apartment and parking permit business, blech).


Caught up on my SWIM QT’s last night. If you want to follow the Living Life daily devotions <–Click here!


Have a blessed Tuesday!

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