Happy Wednesday!

Okay, so what happened with my workout yesterday? I got my yoga on in my tiny room:

… I guess I should say my tiny dark room.

So many things I need to bring when I go home for the weekend… another lamp, a dish rack, my make up… except going around with no make up has been kind of fun. I think people just assume I’m tired out of my mind and don’t bother me too much.

Whoa, what a tangent.

So anyways, I just did non-impact stuff yesterday. AbRipper X (15 minutes. I skipped the stretching part in the last minute) and Yoga X (50 minutes. I start after they do 5 minutes of breathing or some crap and stop after the tree pose).

Wouldn’t you know it… I got to get an incredibly sweaty workout in a tiny little space. Perfect non-running activity for me. It feels awesome to stretch out the backside and do a bunch of hip- and chest-openers.


Okay, I’m a little off on my running schedule, so I’m kind of moving different runs around. On Monday, I was supposed to run a 1 hour fartlek. “What is a fartlek,” you say?


Haha, I joke.

Okay, what does my trusty book tell me about it?


Fartlek incorporates faster and slower speeds into one run that’s conducted without stopping. Warm up with 10 to 15 minutes of easy running. Then alternate 3- to 6-minute periods of faster running with slower jogging intervals to 2 to 3 minutes. Shoot for a total of 18 to 24 minutes of up-tempo work, and run near or slightly slower than your 10’K race pace. For example, run six periods of 3 minutes or four periods of 6 minutes. Cool down with 10 to 15 minutes of easy running.”

Oops. I kind of just sped up and slowed down whenever I felt like (which is okay to do, according to Runner’s World magazine. 

I did this work out on the treadmill because I wanted my legs to rest up from running on the concrete, plus I wanted to check out the nearest 24 Hour Fitness to campus.

7.50 miles in just under 60 minutes. I think I did some portions too fast? And my warm up and cool down were only around 5 minutes in the beginning and the end. No wonder I felt WIPED of all energy by the time I was leaving. It felt awesome though!

Hopefully incorporating these faster running sessions can help improve my overall speed, especially for the 5K I have coming up in less than two weeks!


I have some reading to do, then off to an evening class!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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