New Breakfast Pancake!

It’s Thursday! And I’ve got a semi-busy schedule ahead (reading and writing for some classes, and then two classes in the evening).

While reading one of my favorite blogs yesterday, I came across this recipe for a 2-ingredient pancake. What are the two ingredients?


2. egg.



Okay, as you can see, I kind of broke it while flipping it, so it looks kind of not that great… but it IS GREAT (if you like eggs and bananas, which are two things that I definitely eat every single day).

So I used a large ripe banana and two eggs, mashed it up, put some oil on the pan, and set it to LOW. Like it says on Carrotsncake, you gotta leave it there for a while before you flip. I think I might have been okay if I just used a smaller pan (so the pancake is not 8 inches in diameter).

Verdict? LOVES IT. It’s super duper sweet (maybe because the bananas get even sweeter when cooked?) so I don’t have to top it with anything AND it has the consistency of eggs. If that sounds gross to you (banana-flavored egg), then you will definitely not like this.

However, if you like both of those things, DO IT NOW. I would totally put some crunchy peanut butter on this for a different texture (I left my jar of PB at home, oops).

Whoa. It’s so filling! Now I have all the energy I need to go study and workout later.


On the marathon training schedule for today? 4 miles easy. Piece-o’-cake.

I’ll probably follow it up with some gentle yoga (I got some major DOMS from my Yoga X from a couple days ago). I guess that will have to be my only form of building strength because I won’t be bringing over all my dumbbells and such.

Now I’m off to study!


Do you have any super easy recipes for breakfast (with few ingredients)? Tell me about it!

Have a wonderful day!

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