Frozen Biceps and A Sucky Run

WOO HOO, IT’S FRIDAY! And today is some staff-something-something-day, so there is no class (plus Monday is a Holiday… and our 6 Year Anniversary). I’ll be home a little longer this weekend!

Yesterday, I continued taking care of some apartment and school stuff (I wonder if I should wear my Garmin one day to see how much I walk on a normal school day. I bet you it’s around 2 miles). It’s cool because I like walking!

Also cool? The weather yesterday! I guess we are now seeing the normal SFSU weather. It’s overcast, cold, and somewhat windy. Perfect for a run 🙂

Yesterday’s Workout: 

4.0 miles easy, out-and-back along Lake Merced (34:50),

0.50 mile jog/walking to cool down.

Okay, fine. It wasn’t so much a cool down as a “WTH, why are my biceps so frickin’ sore???” It was CRAZY, I tell ya. As soon as I straightened out my arms/let them fall by my side, it felt as if I had done a crazy biceps workout yesterday… sore and stiff. I want to blame it on the fact that it was probably below 60 degrees and I was wearing a t-shirt AND I didn’t really walk or jog around to warm up.

Oops, and ouch. I was massaging them all day yesterday… how weird. Did it freeze my biceps in that running position and then tear when I straightened them out?


Yesterday’s dinner? Soba noodles, peanut dressing, asparagus, wilted spinach. Oh, and a good squirt of Sriracha sauce.

10 minutes, tops. I would have added a fried egg to it but I already ate two eggs in the morning and I figure I should try to save monies and not eat like 5 eggs in a day (plus, it’s probably not very good for me).

I realized that I haven’t eaten much meat while being here at school… does egg count as meat? If not, I’ve had NO MEAT, *GASP*! Which is probably why when I went by the quad and smelled Korean BBQ (which I later found out was FREE), I salivated like crazy.

Apparently, this girl with thunder thighs needs a little bit of chicken and beef in her life, perhaps because I’ve always been told I need more iron/I’m borderline anemic or some crap.


On the marathon training schedule today?

2 mile warm up, 2 mile TEMPO, 2 mile cool down. Luckily my biceps have thawed and feel back to normals.

Unluckily, I was just plain ol’ pooped today! I went to the gym to run this (it will force me to keep a faster pace during the tempo), was felt gassed and void of all umph and energy.

I happened to be reading a magazine that mentioned out so many women have iron-deficiency and borderline anemic, with one of the symptoms being fatigue.

When self-diagnosing, I have learned that if you have one symptom connected to a common illness or condition that happens to be mentioned in a magazine you are reading, you probably have that illness or condition. JUST KIDDING… don’t think that way because then you will feel like you have multiple conditions, illnesses, and disease.

I think the reason I was so tired is because my breakfast was a few hours before the workout AND it was pretty small with barely any sodium. I should have snacked a little or brought some kind of sports drink with electrolytes to help me power through this tempo run.

Don’t be too scared of sodium, or at least for folk who run a lot. Imagine if I had been fully stocked and energized, I could have run the tempo under 7:30 instead of around 7:50 (<—which, btw, felt like I was running  under 7:00).

So I HAD TO break up the run, which is probably cheating, but I don’t care.

First half: 2.0 mile warmup, 1 mile faster (around 7:45). 26 minutes

I did some back and chest exercises on the machines (have you seen the “Hoist” machines? it’s interesting because the seat moves when you pull/push).

Second half: 1.o mile faster (around 7:35), 2.o miles cool down. 25 minutes.


Mentally tough workout. I just felt short of breath and completely fatigued the entire time. Glad I made it through (even though I kinda sorta cheated, hehe)! I just told myself to finish the page before slowing down 0.1 mph or that I’m going to speed it up 0.1 mph for just a couple paragraphs.

Not every run is going to be glorious and enjoyable. There are super sucky runs like this… AND IT’S OKAY. I’ll learn from this by fueling properly next time.

^Perhaps some of these guys?


On a fun note, one of my roommates and I watched Memento last night. Even though I’ve seen it, I forgot a lot of it (since I saw it so long ago) and MAN is it a good movie!!! It’s one of those movies you can appreciate more when you watch it a second or third time… to catch all the little things you miss the first time around because you’re trying to follow what the heck is going on. 😛


Have a fun long weekend, everyone!

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