Hip Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was so fun because it was an off-day of running and kind of a day of indulgence. After eating Pizza Hut for YA Bible study (Joe said he heard they deep-fry the crust… is that true or false?), we went to Lee’s Sandwich to pick up some Vietnamese Iced coffee. I picked up a taro che thing too. It had BIG chunks of taro and coconut milk or something. It was GOOD!

Then it was time to celebrate some birthdays! We went to Galleria Plaza (which has inexpensive Korean food) and took up 80% of the seats (when there are like 15 of us from the young adult group coming out… it’s going to happen).

I ordered my favorite… dol sot bibimbap! 

You must add a good helping of spicy bean paste (gochujang) and sesame oil:

Afterwards, we took of Paris Baguette! Happy birthday to Naotaka and Pastor Justin!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Mocha cake (I enjoyed two slices, hehe):

Hooray, everyone! We shall take over other places for the next birthday, yeah?


I came home and something came in the mail:

Don’t make fun of me. I ordered the Hip Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body by Shaun-T through a Groupon promotion (I think it was like 19 bucks?). I really enjoy Insanity, and I’ve actually tried the Hip Hop Abs before and had a lot of fun, so I took advantage of the deal.

Besides running, yoga, and weights, I really enjoy pretty much any form of movement and exercise. I may not be good at dancing… but I can still have a good time and burn some calories while doing it.

PLUS if it’s in the comfort of your own home, WHO CARES, RIGHT?

So I did a 30-minute video from Hip Hop Abs and a 43-minute one from Rockin’ Abs. It isn’t the most difficult of all workouts, but it got me movin’ and it was fun!

And, yes. It looks as funny and awkward as you are imagining it ;).


I’m supposed to run 10 miles today but I might just switch it around with a 4-miler I’m supposed to run tomorrow. I also might get owned by the heat (it’s going to be 80-something degrees today), so I will probably have to take it to the gym.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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