Six Years Ago Yesterday

Hey hey.

Yesterday was a chill day with my boyfriend. Since we already celebrated our six year anniversary in Las Vegas, we kept it pretty low-key yesterday.

Our first date took place at Cherry Sushi on September 3, 2006.  I was 18 and he was 23. It was my first date EVERRR… meaning I said all the faux pas and whatnot. More on that later…

So we went to the same place for dinner yesterday. It was nice to reminisce (but also not that nice because it is so freaking embarrassing thinking of how I just said and asked whatever was in my head instead of FILTERING).

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my USB cable with me to school, so no pictures of the yummy sushi princess boat thing we ordered. Here’s a picture of some orders from Sushi Pier from a couple years back:


Yeah. It was super yummy (more sashimi than rolls though).

Anyways, I’ll just have to tell you a little about how we got to that first date in the first place.

SO… as a teenager, I had decided at some point that I’m just going to GO FOR WHAT I WANT. I don’t like leaving things up in the air and I sure as heck don’t like dillydallying around something just hoping things will fall into place exactly how I want it. I took risks when I felt that there could be a lot more to gain than lose… and lot of times, it ended up as rejections. I didn’t really give a hoot. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.

As I was attending church, I kept seeing this cute guy with a nice smile. He looked so familiar to me and I just assumed that he was someone who used to attend church a long time ago and was back. After several months of seeing him here and there, I graduated from high school and moved up from the youth group to the English ministry/Young Adult group. And that’s when my crush grew thunder thighs and took off at a full sprint.

I was really close with my Sunday school teacher, Nicole. She is Pastor Jin’s wife and was one of my mentors during that time. I remember telling her that I had a crush on Joe and she told me that he’s a really nice guy AND Pastor Jin is always saying good things about him. Woo hoo! The pastor and his wife approve!


Although I’m good at keeping other people’s secrets, I pretty much SUCK at keeping my own… so I told all my friends, har har. That’s 18-year-old Michelle for ya.

I was at a sleepover with my friends in the summer of 2006 and I happen to remember Joseph’s screen name (back when everyone was still using AIM). I added him to my list and saw that he was online. I started chatting with him about something random and after less than 10 minutes, I told him that I had a crush on him or something like that.

[On the other side of the computer, Joe was thinking, “… Is this one of my friends trying to play a prank on me??? WTH???”]

Anyways, he asked if I was free that following Sunday (September 3rd) and I said HECK YEAH, and now it’s 6 years later and we’re still happily dating. Haha, okay fine. Lots of other things happened in between… but want to know something CRAZY?

Okay. He was actually set up (with someone else) for a date that same weekend!!! If I hadn’t talked to him (and divulged my not-very-secret crushduring the week, he might have started dating that girl instead! Anyways, he ended up cancelling that date because he said I’m like the hottest girl he’s ever met…

… or the funniest girl. I forget.


I’m so lucky to be with this guy 🙂



I’m kind of surprised how sometimes I still get the same excited feeling before I see him as I did back in the day. We grew to be best friends as our relationship progressed, and it’s so awesome how I still have those crazy belly-laughs while hanging out with him.

Also… our relationship is now a first grader. Whooooaaa (o__O  ).


Sorry if the previous part jumped around too much. Hope you were able to understand it, hehe 😛


Today, I ran 10 miles in 1:24:42 (8:28 pace). What was great about the run was that I just kept it at an easy pace and ran an out-and-back around Lake Merced (I pretty much went around it twice). I didn’t look at the time OR have music. I just RAN.

0.50 mile cooldown afterwards (5 min).

So. Flippin’. Awesome.


I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!

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