My New Workout Buddy

Guess what…

I HAVE A WORKOUT BUDDY!!! My roommate Jo’ and I went to the gym last night. But there was sadness in the house of this San Francisco 24 Hour fitness… all the flippin’ treadmills were taken.

SAY WHAAAAAT? “How am I going to get in my speed work without my trusty treadmill?” I thought.

Well, I had to improvise. I knew I had an easy 4-miler in my schedule, so I decided to swap workouts. Now I know you haven’t noticed, but I have been switching around my marathon training for the last week or two. My long runs have switched from being on the weekend to being on Monday… and then during this week it was on Tuesday. I’ve still been doing every workout they list, but I haven’t been following the specific days.

Now that can be bad if I plan on doing a long run back-to-back with an 8-mile run with a 3-mile tempo. It actually might come to that one of these days, but for the most part, I’m trying to space out my speedwork and my long runs. Also, it’s based on how my legs feel. If they’re up for a fartlek the day after a tempo run, then whatevers, let’s go.


So Jo’ hit up the elliptical and I went for the stairclimber. Know what’s super sucky? I was going at the fastest speed on that machine and super disappointed because I wanted to put in some running (up the stairs) but got reduced to just walking quickly up the staircase. Bummer.

Oh, well. I did 40 minutes on the never-ending staircase and called it “an easy ‘4.0 miles'”.


Confession time. This week, I have been mad inconsistent with my daily devotions.  One excuse would be that I didn’t bring my copy of the booklet with me.

It’s obviously an excuse because it’s ONLINE (the link above) and I’ve obviously been on the internet for a couple hours each day. In fact, in between my readings, I would throw in a half hour session of Bejeweled.

So anyways, perhaps I will get back to doing it first thing in the morning before I read my emails. (<—Haha, besides. More than half the emails I get are from Groupon/Living Social/Google Offers which I just delete. It can certainly wait :P). That’s the way I was able to be really consistent from the Spring time (or was it last year? I can’t remember).

ALSO another confession… I have not been keeping up with my Scripture-writing. It has stopped somewhere in the first quarter of the book of Luke (though the SWIM qt’s are still in Luke). That is one thing that I’m glad I kept consistent when I had all the time in the world. Perhaps I’ll pick it back up… or I’ll wait for SWIM to move on to the next book? I dunno.


Today, I will hit up the gym again to try to get in my speedwork. Then I have two classes in the evening.

Off to do some readings! Have a wonderful Thursday!

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