My First 5K Race



Quick post!

I just wanted to tell you about my first time racing a 5K (this morning! The Race to the End of Summer Run).

Now first off, I probably ate way more than necessary yesterday. Tammy brought some food from her family’s restaurant (Eastlake Chinese Seafood) for our young adult Bible study.

Two plates of this= so delicious but made me SO BLOATED:


I even ate about 1.5 donuts. Yikes. That’s a lot more fat than needed the day for a race (or for pretty much any day, harhar)… but whatevers. My glycogen stores were FULL. Also, I had been lazy and didn’t do any running for three days, GASP.

Whatevers. I’ll get back into running when I’m at school.

So this race… the reason I avoid 5Ks and other short distances is because it’s TOUGH, especially for someone like me who lacks fast-twitch muscles (meaning anything resembling a sprint or speed hurts!).

But this race was on sale one day during the summer and it was only $17 (including the processing fee!!!), which is super cheap for a race!

I thought it would be small but it was actually pretty crowded. They had half marathon and 10K distances going on as well. The race started on time and the race was mapped out perfectly (my Garmin read exactly 3.1 miles!).


Their goody bag had a pretty good amount of stuff:


^The post-race eats were those Chobani yogurts, PowerBars, Larabars, bananas, and they also had coffee cake and other pastries (which I didn’t get).

So again, I was major uncomfortable the whole time. What made it worse is that I didn’t have my MP3 player, which meant that I was listening to the sound of my own labored breathing the whole time.

Does anyone else get exhausted at the sound of your own heavy breathing? A little after mile 2, I had to ask myself, “… ARE YOU WHEEZING??” I couldn’t tell if it was just morning phlegm or something, but I had to slow down a tiny bit.

Oh, well. Not bad:

That’s right. First in my age group. I feel like that’s not such a big deal (except this time my age group was 20-29, instead of just 20-24. Yahoooooo!).

23:09?  7:28 pace. Not that good, but hey. I gotta start somewhere, yeah? Perhaps there will be more 5K’s in my future.


What’s totally awesome? I GOT A FUEL BELT for a prize (which retails for like 30 to 35 bucks)!! This one is better than mine because it can hold much more water. I can also get the Road I.D. thing, but I don’t think I really need it.


I really can’t complain. I know I should have eaten better a couple days before this race (so as not to feel so blimp-ish) but whatevers. Not bad for my first 5K (I had no strategy except to just ruuuuun). I’m glad I won a little something 🙂


Enjoy this blessed and beautiful Sunday!

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