Starting Fresh

Just something to drool over:


Yeah. I loves me some fatty, buttery salmon (this is where Joe and I had our first date).

Oh, and a McDonald’s cone for a buck. Pretty sure it’s way less calories to eat this than the heavy tub of fro-yo I usually get:




So after my overeating fiasco yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling fresh and new. That’s right… it is a new day with plenty of opportunities to make the right choices and take care of this body that God has blessed me with. 

Also, I went with my workout buddy (roommate Joanna) to the gym around 10:00pm. It just works out so perfectly to have someone to go workout with so late at night (that’s just how our schedule happened to work out yesterday… plus when we went around 9:00pm last week, it was mad crazy busy).

So there were a couple open treadmills and I hopped on and went for an easy five.

Actually, it started out easy (around 9:00/mile) and then I started speeding up little by little (down to 7:40/ mile). By the end of exactly 45 minutes, I had run just under 5.5 miles. Whoops. Oh, well.

Do you find it hard to fall asleep if you have a hard workout during the night? I hear your body is supposed to cool down before bed. Anyways, after washing up and getting into bed with a magazine, I easily drifted off to sleep.

Haha the contrast between what went on during the day compared with the night is so big 😛


My marathon training days are all over the place. I will rather run a 1-hour fartlek or run 12 miles. We’ll see how I feel after class.

If you were in San Francisco now, you would totally want to go out and enjoy this amazingly beautiful weather! (but since I have to read some more and write up a paper, I’ll enjoy it later).

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

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