Apologies to My Hamstrings

I legs were pretty darn pooped (perhaps from the Bikram yoga and treadmill run a couple days ago, followed by yesterday’s workout).

Yesterday’s workout:

FARTLEK (“speed play”. You speed up for segments and switch off with some normal-ish running and continue for an hour). Lake Merced is right outside so that’s where I ran this fartlek.

I almost made it an hour: 58 minutes exactly and 7.15 miles. I don’t think I ran it right… my mile times were all over the place (one was 8:15 and the other was 7:37… whoops). I think the time was probably a little less because I didn’t turn off the time while retying my shoelaces and waiting at the stoplights.

On the very last humongous hill (coming near the finish), I tried to keep a faster pace… and had to slow down to a normal pace for the last quarter of it. DARNS IT. I hate when that happens. I’ll make it all the way next time. 😉


I came back to do some yoga while watching That 70’s Show and realized that my poor hamstrings were suuuuuuper duper tight. Loosening up with some downward dog was swit.


Still rockin’ some incredibly tight hamstrings this morning. Sitting in class sucks because the hamstrings are not stretched out but shortened. Who knew that simply standing up can remind you of a great workout from the previous day? I kind of love the soreness though 🙂

Hey! I’ll be going to Tahoe with some of the young adults from our church this weekend!


^I’m hoping to get in some stand-up paddles surfing again if others are interested (or perhaps I will just go explore the blue waters of Tahoe on my own).

Or convince this guy to go with me again:


^I love how this isn’t photoshopped or anything. It really is that blue and beautiful up there!


I’ll be attending a Bikram yoga session this afternoon, then going to class, and hitting up the gym late at night (for a super easy cardio and weights) with my roomie!

Don’t worry. I’m somehow ahead in my readings for my classes and have nothing else to do this week!

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone!

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