Amazing 14-Miler and Love For Yoga

Wowz. My Bikram yoga session yesterday was AWESOME. It’s so funny because the instructor seemed a lot newer than the girl I had the first time I went (he kept saying, “umm” while thinking up the right word). BUT he made it feel more comfortable by reminding us not to compare to the people around us and to take breaks whenever we needed. He did tell us to challenge ourselves and try to stretch a tiny bit further from the last time and not to just be uber comfortable the whole time.

Well, I decided to really challenge myself on one of the poses (feet a few feet apart, head going straight down, hands under heels, elbows behind calves, legs straight) and we are supposed to try to get our head touching the floor.

Now usually, I would stretch, but I never actually tried to touch the top of my head/top of forehead to the ground because… well that’s just crazy. Well, I decided to get a little crazy and tried it. And I touched the floor with my head. 

Yeah. It was amazing (and a great stretch for my poor hamstrings). Also, quite eye-opening to see that I was always limiting my abilities because what they were asking for (such as “touch your forehead to your knee”) seemed unreachable. I always just settled for a good stretch.

I’m pretty sure the only reason I’m able to stretch further in Bikram yoga is because it’s crazy humid-hot in the room (105 degrees!). Yesterday’s class didn’t seem as humid because there were less than 15 people, so that was nice. Anyways, I totally enjoyed the class and I can’t wait to go back!



^Random picture of one of the poses for ya 😉


I was supposed to go to the gym with my roommate but since I my hammies were still tight and we were both feeling kind of lazy (and I knew I wanted to run 14 today), we decided against a workout.

Instead? We watched Fight Club. She had never seen it and I know it’s a cult classic, so we each plopped down on our couches (we each get our own, hehe) and were blown out of our minds. That movie is so much better watching it the second time because you catch so many more things that are hard to notice the first time around. GOOD MOVIE, though it’s rated super R, so please… if you’re a young’un, don’t watch it just yet.

Also, seeing Brad Pitt’s abs reminded me that I need to do my laundry…

… because, you know… washboard abs, HA HA HA.

Oh, no. I’ve just reminded you all of how lame I am.



During the late morning, I stepped out to wonderfully overcast and breezy weather. Perfect for running (as I always say). It was in the high 50’s and low 60’s for most of my run. I had eaten a banana, granola bar, and some yogurt about two hours prior to the workout. That was probably too long and I should have had a tiny snack… what it was too late. I brought an Espresso GU with me to have a little over halfway.

I didn’t bring anything to drink with me because I was just going to make my random course around Lake Merced where there are a couple of water fountains. I found my MP3 player, so I had it on a radio station the whole time (though I couldn’t find a good signal for the K-LOVE station, so I just stuck with my hip hop and R&B).

My plan was to take it slowly, around 9:00/mile for the whole 14 miles. Surprise, surprise, at 60 minutes, I was a little over 7 miles. Then I realized that I should try to go for a negative split and come in under 2 hours (to make the second half of the run faster than the first). I had my GU at 7.5 miles, felt good for about two miles and then… I was suddenly hit with a HUGE amount of fatigue.

My legs felt heavy, my steps sounded plunky, and I started breathing much harder. You don’t know how many times I was thinking of quitting. Every time I got up a little incline, I just thought “Okay… just walk home now.” But I kept going. Another part of me was encouraging: “Keep going. You can slow down a little but don’t stop running!”

Dude. Stupid Lake Merced. When I run around it once, they are gentle rolling hills. When I’m going around it a second time, they seem like never-ending undulating humongous hills. But it’s okay. As I said before, I just slowed down a tiny bit when necessary and kept going.

And whadda ya know? 14 miles in 1:58:01. (8:25 pace).

HOLY MOLY, I was so stunned! NEGATIVE SPLIT, BABY!!! Plus the last quarter mile of my run was that big giant hill that I didn’t get to conquer the other day. I made it this time 🙂

After, I jogged/walked for 0.50 mile to my apartment. There’s no better feeling than finishing a workout like this and stepping back inside the house. 

I finished up the day with some gentle yoga/stretching for 20 minutes.

Thank you, Lord, for these thunder thighs that kept me running the whole time. I am truly blessed!


Hope you are enjoying your Thursday!

Question: How do you go up against that voice that tell you to “stop” during a workout? 

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