How We Do Tahoe

Happy Saturday!

We just got back from a beautiful beach in TAHOE. Before I get to those pictures, let me show you what went on last night:


HIKING. A few of us left earlier yesterday and decided to do something active. We went up to a point to get a view of Emerald Bay. Didn’t really happen, but we walked up a bunch of rock stairs and at least got to see the mighty mountains that Our Creator made:


We hiked back down and got a better view of Emerald Bay!


Then we headed over to the house that we rented. Pretty nice, I must say. Chimi agrees πŸ˜‰



We played a game (PICTIONARYMAN) in teams to decide which room would be waking up early to cook breakfast.


The girls got owned. So we woke up early to cook:


^French toast and scrambled eggs with sausage. It was wonderful to break bread with these awesome people.



We headed out pretty early to the North side of Tahoe and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL sand beach!


I looooooooooove how super clear the water is!



Tahoe is so flippin’ beautiful πŸ˜€


Most of the time at this beach was spent taking naps, taking dips in the water, chillin’, eating, and applying & reapplying sunblock:


^(BTW, my swimsuit top was less than 3 bucks. That’s right. Cute AND affordable!).


We are in the midst of making dinner!

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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