Because I Felt Like It

Last night, I was planning on going to the gym or to Bikram yoga.

Then my roommate asked if I could drive her to Target or Safeway.

Suddenly, I really didn’t want to go work up a sweat last night.

We went to get some groceries and then I sat and played Bejeweled, watched the finale of MasterChef (which I had followed up until I moved here to SF for school), and ate this:



ImagePeanut Butter one or something. And yeah. It was delicious.

Sometimes, there is a change of plans and you gotta go with the flow. Of course, I’m sure if I had gone to work out, I would be writing this post about how great it was to go and get sweaty at night. Since I didn’t, I’m going to say that it was awesome to let my muscles have a full rest day.

And no guilt for resting 🙂


Today, after class and a few hours of studying and reading, I went to Hot Bikram Yoga Studio Daly City (the place where I got a Living Social deal for… 20 bucks for 30 days).

I find that it is almost perfect for stretching out my hamstrings (I guess the entire backside) as well as opening up the chest and focusing on breathing. Did I just describe the whole point of yoga? Yes. Yes, I did.

It’s awesome that I enjoy the 90 minutes of holding postures, breathing, stretching, and sweating! When I tried it the first time, it was pretty much uncomfortable the whole time.

Anyways, I have more evening class and work to do. I’ll also go to the gym again to get in a little running… if I feel like.


Do you ever change up your plans and take unexpected rest days here and there?

Have a beautiful day!

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