One Way to Spend Four Hours of Your Day

Woo hoo! I’m eating a yummy dinner and happy with what I’ve been working on today.

After my morning class and about 2.5 hours of reading for tomorrow, I got to work on a painting!


That is what it looked like after about 2 hours.

My back was starting to hurt because I was all Quasimodo’d over the canvas. Just to let you real artists knowI know I’m probably not using the right technique or crap. I’m an amateur painter, but hey… I got me some buyers so HA! I do what I want.

Anyways… I had several breaks where I ate pretty unhealthily. It involved lots of peanut butter. OH, MY… it made me feel pretty crummy… but I moved on. My dinner is now balanced with protein, good carbs, good fats, and flavor.

Here is what it looked like by the time the sun started setting:


It’s not done yet… can’t wait to show you guys the finished product!


Here are some pictures from Sunday’s race!


^Liar. I was not THAT happy. The rest will depict my true emotions:



And apparently ANGRY:


^(Haha, this was after the race and I was waiting about an hour for some friends to finish. I started to get worried when they didn’t come in around the time I expected them to come… so this is actually me being WORRIED).


So since I spent pretty much the entire day drawing and painting, I’ll need to get to the gym for a JOCK SESH. I’ll switch around my marathon training and just go for an easy 5-miler. Tomorrow will involve yoga and more running 🙂

… oh, and studying… I guess.

Hope you enjoyed your Monday!

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