Race-Day Disasters and Other Stuff

Hi! What a beautiful Tuesday!

Alrighty… so I went to the gym last night with my roommate. It was awesome! 

I hopped on a treadmill and went for an easy 46 minutes. The speed started out around 6.8mph and then progressed to 7.5 mph. 

Annoying thing happened: the treadmill just shut OFF for no reason (I didn’t touch the STOP button or touch the little sensor at all). No problemo. By that time, it was around 10:30pm so there were plenty of available treadmills. 

Finishing up the run around 8:00/mile meant I kept it nice and easy (which is how it was supposed to be yesterday). 

I was reading about some common issues that may arise during long runs (hitting the wall, gut distress, over hydration, etc.) from Runner’s World magazine:

ImageHave you ever had any of these issues? I have only hit the wall in my first marathon around mile 22 or 23. I had to play mind games and let myself have little 10-second walk breaks at certain points. 

Know what sucks? My time was 3:40:30. THIRTY SECONDS… If I hadn’t had those little walk breaks, I could have broken 3:40. 

Oh, well. That’s what I’ll try to do for the California International marathon this December. 


I’m trying to decide whether I should run the Morgan Hill Marathon… I’m contemplating. It would be about a month before the CIM… it could be my long run. 

We’ll see. Races are expensive and I have no monies…


Then again, if I can make enough from the paintings, I’ll go for it!

ImageHere is one that I did in like 30 minutes, haha:

ImageCan you tell I was actually trying to cover up a different one? NO? Well, that’s good 😉


Agenda for today:

Study some more for an exam. 

Bikram yoga. 

Maybe a Fartlek session at the gym. Maybe. 


Hope you have a blessed Tuesday!

Have you ever had any race-day disasters?? (hit the wall, gut distress, asthma attack, heat stroke, over-hydration, show up at the wrong race!?) 



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