I Ran to the Ocean

My goodness. There is no shower that feels better than the one after a long run. All the dirt, sweat, and sunblock being washed away… it’s quite the awesomes.

So yesterday was a complete rest day. Instead, I had Everybody Loves Raymond going most of the day while I worked on some paintings:




If you haven’t noticed, I love playing with shapes and colors.

Again, my back was hurting because I just get all stooped over the canvas while trying to paint within the lines. Not good… I’m trying to be aware of it to keep it straightish.


No morning class so I slept in (except a stupid mosquito was buzzing in my ear all night. So not restful, but whatevers.

After hanging out for a bit, I went out for my long run. It is supposed to be later in the week but I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit in in (for some reason, I don’t like driving out to the course to run anymore… now that I can just step outside and jog to the lake).

So first, I ran once around Lake Merced. Then I made my way toward Golden Gate Park, but decided to head west toward the ocean to see if I can get to the Great Highway (Highway 35) where I have run the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon before.

Before I knew it, I was able to see the ocean, the crashing waves, and the strong breeze coming in. It was awesome! There is a very long stretch of sidewalk with gentle rolling hills. It’s quite perfect for training! Actually… all of San Francisco is rolling hills, huh?

I took my first gel around mile 7.60 (because I forgot to take it a little sooner, ha). Then I took my second one around 12.0 miles. It was supposed to be 16 miles but I didn’t calculate my time correctly and I had to be home at a certain time.

So today’s run: 15.15 miles, 2:06:41. The last 0.15 mile was walking to cool down. The pace is around 8:21/mile, but that means I actually went faster because I had to stop at a few lights and the last bit was walking. WAHOO!

But for next time, I will definitely make sure I have enough time to run the whole scheduled long run and then also run a little more slowly in the beginning so that I can have negative splits (I definitely didn’t this time around).

I’m so glad I decided to explore a bit and found that great path along the ocean! That is certainly going to be awesome for long runs.

[Oh, yeah… I went to Golden Gate Park but got kind of nervous about getting too lost because all the trees were so tall (where I was) and everything looked the same. I spent only about 1.5 mile there].

I will DEFINITELY be going back to the Great Highway (Highway 35) to run more of my long runs 😀



I cut myself some bangs.

ImageAnd yes. I’m totally showing off my eye-crossing skills. I can cross both eyes AND cross each one separately. It’s pretty much the coolest thing I can do 😉


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Have you ever run along the Great Highway? 

Do you like rolling hills?

2 responses to “I Ran to the Ocean

  1. If you are going to continue painting, I suggest getting an easel so you don’t strain your back too much.. though might be difficult at first adjusting to painting on a more vertical service, I think it will definitely be worth it in the long run.
    And speaking of long run… holy moly 15 miles on rolling hills. Great job with the running, sister!

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