Fartlek at 11:00PM

My roommate and I went to the gym last night. I told her I need a solid hour for this session.

What was I going to do in an hour? FARTLEK (“speed play”). That’s exactly what I did. I never went below 7.0mph, and I switched up segments running 5 minutes at 7.0mph and 5 minutes at something above 7.5mph. Then 4 minutes 7.0mph and 4 minutes at something above 7.6 mph. Then 3 minutes at 7.0 mph and 3 minutes at 7.7 mph… you get the idea. I did this a few times and at the end, I ran the last 3 seconds at a near sprint (9.0mph).

Total: 7.5 mph in 61 minutes. 

I hit 7.40 miles at 60 minutes and decided to jog/walk the last minute to make it a perfect 7.50 miles.

Fartlek done, son.


When we got back to the apartment, I told my roomie that I have never had a workout buddy who would go this late at night to the gym with me… mostly because we all lived far apart and such. Now that I have a workout buddy who wants to hit up the gym right before the stroke of midnight makes me SMILE.

We can keep each other accountable (in case one of us gets lazy by the time we’re supposed to head for the gym). If we set the time and make a decision, it’s much harder to cancel on it that if I were just to tell myself “I’ll just work out later…”

Ya know? I’m just rambling.

I know you don’t give a wild raging hoot about my times and mph junk.


Finished with this one (which may cause weird motion-sickness-like symptoms. Hope not though :P)


There was such heavy fog this morning that I decided to skip out on a 4-mile run. Instead, I did AbRipperX (15 minutes), 5 more minutes of core work, and about 8 minutes of arm burnouts (can it be considered burnouts if I didn’t even do heavy lifting before?). Holy moly, my tri’s and delts were BURNING!

It will be a rest day for my legs and I’ll be joining a group run tomorrow morning! That should be really fun 😀


Tonight, I’m attending the JAMA Conference with some other young adults from our church.

I’m so excited for that because it was one of the first conferences I went to when I was in high school (we went out of town to Texas or SoCal for it, too!).

Hope you have a blessed Friday!

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