6:30AM Run With The Running Addicts

I ran with a running group that I joined recently. Yesterday morning, I woke up at 5:30am to make sure I had enough time to get some coffee and then make it to Shoreline in Mountain View by 6:30am.

The group was so nice and I got to explore a new course with them! There were a couple of different pace groups (many of them took off way ahead cause they’re crazy fast). I was planning on doing around 10 miles at 8:20 or 8:30 pace to keep it easy. Har har… I was in for a kick in the butt.

Here is us after a 3-mile warmup:


And my bad. I missed the memo about wearing shorts and something colorful on top 😉

Here is me and Cynthia during the run (by the way, Thanks, Linh, for all these great pictures!):


^And, yes. I love me those fancy hands as much as you do. I was rather on my up or down from two thumbs up.

Anyways, during the last mile, I was going to slow it down… but Cynthia said she was going to take off (empty the tank, ya know?). That made me realize that I should probably empty my darned tank, too… so off I went chasing after her!


Finally got through to the end! Woo hoo!


Thanks for staying with me, Cynthia! And thank you, Linh, for pushing me to run faster (because I was trying to keep up with you, haha).

And thanks to all the wonderful Running Addicts! You guys are so wonderfully friendly and will certainly make me a faster runner!

I realized that I don’t nearly push myself hard enough when I run on my own. Running with faster people will make me a faster runner… I hope 😛

Also, it has been about 1.5 years, but I finally hooked up my Garmin to my computer. Here is how the run looked:

Summary 1:47:12.5 13.20 8:07
1 9:06.6 1.00 9:07
2 8:21.4 1.00 8:21
3 7:58.7 1.00 7:59
4 8:00.1 1.00 8:00
5 7:54.2 1.00 7:54
6 8:12.2 1.00 8:12
7 8:38.0 1.00 8:38
8 8:09.4 1.00 8:09
9 8:01.9 1.00 8:02
10 7:43.3 1.00 7:43
11 7:37.1 1.00 7:37
12 8:03.8 1.00 8:04
13 7:53.3 1.00 7:53
14 1:32.6 0.20 7:33

That’s pretty good for a training run. The course was the Stevens Creek Trail (starting from Shoreline) and there were some rollers (considering the highway overpasses, underpasses, and bridges). It was an excellent course for long run training. We didn’t cover all of it, but I’m curious to see how far it goes. They said there are paths that come from all over so I could technically run up, down and around the Bay Area with these trails!

I’m so excited to see these guys at races (probably the ones who are winning all the medals and placing top 3). I’m also looking forward to improving as a runner.

(*Edited to add something): Thank you, Tammy, for letting me know about this amazing running group! Now I can see lots of familiar faces at the local (and out-of-town) races!


This morning will consist of core work, some strength training (maybe Insanity upper body weights?) and walking with the Vanna boo.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Our church is having a picnic after church. We’re going to ultimate frisbee it up like crazy 😛

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