Weekend Highlights

These are just random highlights from over the weekend:

I love PHO. I put tons of basil, cilantro, onions, sprouts, hoisin sauce and Sriracha sauce (this is before everything was added):

ImageJoe and I purchased some excellent ice cream from Target:

ImageFor Young Adult Bible study, we had Gene’s Market tri-tip sandwiches. SO YUMMY (especially after an early morning group run):

ImageThen on Sunday, we had a picnic!



And we played TACKLE ULTIMATE FRISBEE (okay, fine. No tackle, haha). It was fun and a crazy good workout because it was so hot on Sunday! We were totally sweating out the wazoo… while my team was winning (except I can’t take much credit for any of it. I had a few catches and passes. My best pass was directly to a player on the other team. Whoops).

Anyways, after a while, we went out to Jang Su Jang for some Korean grub. Here’s how we decided who was going have to honor of praying for our dinner:

ImageAnd I split this gopchang jonggohl with my brother and Joe:

Image^This was one of my favorites while growing up in Korea (as a kid). I liked it mega uber spicy. This one was just normal spicy. It also had a big dumpling/potsticker in there (one for each of us= not enough).


Yesterday morning, I went to the gym (changed my plans) to bust out 8.5 miles. Why? Well upon looking at my workout log, I realized that I was 8.5 miles from reaching FIFTY MILES for the week. It would be my first ever fifty-mile week, so I had to do it.

On the treadmill, I completed 6.10 miles in 49:47 before my right knee started hurting. Darns it.

I was too close to 50 to let it go so I kinda sorta cheated and did the rest of the miles on an elliptical. (20 minutes). I’m sure those elliptical miles don’t really count… but I’m going to count them anyways.

My right knee was SO TIGHT and hurting throughout the day yesterday, but I rolled it out and massaged it (I should have iced it, too) and it’s feeling much better this morning.

So last week was a high-mileage week! I’m going to cut back a bit this week and be nice and rested for the Rock’n’Roll San Jose Half Marathon this coming Sunday!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Do you count your elliptical/stairclimber miles into your running miles for the week?

2 responses to “Weekend Highlights

  1. Good Luck! I KNOW you gonna do well!!
    I can’t believe you like gopchang jonggohl. hahaha~ ^^ We ordered the same thing last Saturday at the same place. Although I only ate mandu, my husband had all the rest.

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