God is Good?


Yesterday, I was extremely lazycakes and decided not to go to the gym at night (which meant that my roommate was without a workout. Whoops :P). So it was a fantastical rest day (especially because my right knee has been tight since the weekend).

What’d I do instead? This:



ImageMondays are usually open to whatever I want to do because I have just one early morning class and then NOTHING.

I alternated doing about an hour or two of reading and then painting. It’s nice being here at school because there would be no way to get like 6 hours of reading done at home… especially because this one would be bugging me:

ImageHaha, well she doesn’t live inside… but I would go out to play with her ūüôā


Today will consist of a Bikram yoga session, class, dinner, and then a treadmill speed session with the roomie.


Hey. We (our church) is going through the book of Job in our Living Life daily devotions. 

You are familiar with the story of Job, right? Well, it has been challenging me a lot in my faith these couple of days since starting it.

Job was an upright, blameless man. Satan said that Job was only worshiping God because he was so blessed with lots of land, cattle, and household. Satan said that if Job did not have those things, he would surely curse God.

The LORD knew that Job was upright and blameless. He said, “There is no one on earth like him…” <— how awesome is that??

So anyways.. he ended up losing his donkeys and oxen, his sheep and servants, his camels, his sons and daughters, and even his bodily health (he had painful sores). After all these things, and right after he mourned the loss (“At this, Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head…”) he “fell to the ground in worship.”

“The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” Wow. That is pretty incredible. The blurb in the Living Life QT explains that¬†worship has nothing to do with our circumstances but¬†the object of our worship- God. Even when we are broken, even when our world crumbles, even during our times of our greatest weakness… the LORD is God. It doesn’t change the fact that He is Forever, He is Almighty, and He is Good.

Though God is not the one who plots against us with evil or sin (obviously),, He does¬†allow¬†it to be in our lives. “God allows evil, if only to reveal our true hearts and natures. In the end, we will run to God or to the world.”

I know that when I was in high school and going through some dark times, I ran away from God. I did the exact opposite of what Job did. Though I still believed that there was a God and stuff, I just couldn’t believe that He was Good.

Now I am understanding what we used to say all the time in youth services… “God is good- ALL THE TIME! All the time- GOD IS GOOD.”¬†It did¬†not¬†say “God is good- all the¬†good times…”¬†He is good all the (good AND bad) time(s).

I always try to focus on the blessings in my life. At the same time, I have to see that even if I lose something or someone precious and close to my heart, He will forever be Creator. He will always be faithful. He is Constant. I say this now, and I truly believe it in my heart… but you never know until that time of mourning or loss comes. I hope and pray that my mind, heart, and soul know who is the Author of Life, and know that¬†He is Good.


Have a blessed Tuesday!

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