Just Do It


Last night, I went to Target with my roommate and spent about twice as much as I planned (from 10 bucks to $20. Darns it all, Target!!).

Some of what I “needed”:

ImageIt was on sale for $4.99 (from 5.99). That’s pretty much a great reason to buy anything, yeah? Plus it’s a giant candle that makes my room smell like candy. How can I not buy it?

(FWI, I love scented candles. I like fruity, citrusy ones more than flowery ones. Or pumpkin/spices are awesome, too).

And here’s a little something that I DIDN’T need until I saw it on the shelf:

ImageI ate it with yogurt and sliced bananas this morning. So super yummy! I totally forgot about the existence of this cereal until last night!

Anyways… we got back to the apartment and decided to go out for a jog (or perhaps one of us persuaded the other to run in the night around the neighborhood… the one who has thunder thighs, hehe).

Luckily, it was well-lit, the temperature was perfect (around 60 degrees), and felt pretty safe since it was the two of us. There was a point where the hill started to get dark and we decided at the same to to turn the heck around and get to brighter lighting again.

It was a quick 2.5 miles (rolling hills) but definitely better than nothing! When we got back, I did some more workouts on my own (core, arm burnouts, and pilates).

It felt so amazing to get in a quick, short run. If you’re on the fence, just lace up your sneakers and just do it. We were only planning on going about 2 miles or even LESS… but we ended up going more (or perhaps one of us got us “lost” to make the run longer HAR HAR) <—(btw, I only do this when I know you can run longer than you claim. My roomie was definitely able to run farther and faster than she gave herself credit for).

Today, I attended a 90-minute Bikram yoga class and felt amazingly cleansed! I loooove getting my hamstrings and backside all loosened up and super stretched.  I’m so glad I’m enjoying these hot yoga sessions these days!


Tonight, I may or may not also hop into the gym for a treadmill run. We’ll see how I feel when I get out of class at 9:45pm.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow! I’ll be getting a haircut with Joe, stopping by the Expo to pick up my race packet and bib for the Rock’n’Roll San Jose Half Marathon, and chillin’ out.

Hope your Thursday is going wonderfully!

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