In Tears

Last night was torture.

After class, around 9:40pm, I went to the gym to bust out a tempo run. I have a lot of pent up energy and excitement for the upcoming San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half marathon! I have been able to PR every year so far (~2:12, 1:49, 1:45 <– current half PR). This will be my 4th year and I was looking to break 1:45…

So I got on the trusty treadmill, bumped the incline to 1% and got to a 3-mile warmup. All was good. I was cruisin’. Reading interesting articles in Runner’s World. 

Once I got to the tempo part and the first mile was okay (around 7:53/mile… not great, but faster than what’s comfortable for me). Then I started getting kind of tired, so I couldn’t make it a progression (I usually try to speed it up little by little). I just kept it at 7:53… and after the third tempo mile and going into my 4th, I was not only overcome with great fatigue, but my right knee became SUPER tight.

“No problem,” I tell myself. “Keep going… fight through the pain.” (btw, it wasn’t so much pain as it was intense tightness… which was a bit painful but not unbearable).

I finished the 4th mile with the last part at 7:30. Again, not super speedy, but it will do. I did about 0.30 mile cooldown jog and walked the rest of the 0.70 mile. I was supposed to have a 3-mile cooldown but that was NOT happening. My right knee was now tight enough to alter my form (made me do a tiny hobble).

With enough sweat to mask my disappointment and pain, I actually welled up with tears. With every blink, my tears fell and hit the treadmill (about the same as the drops of sweat). What a horrible, pitiful run.

Now I don’t know how to feel about Sunday’s race. If my knee tightens again and causes me to hobble to a finish… I’ll probably be doing the whole crying thing again.

AND NO IT IS NOT MY LADY’S TIME OR WHATEVER. That’s just how excited I am about this race… it’s my favorite! This is the race that made me realize that I wanted to identify myself as a runner and get faster and stronger!


Now that I have explained to you my over-dramatic, highly emotional workout from last night, I’ll just leave you with last year’s picture:

^There was about a one minute difference between the chip time and the gun time.

Hope I can cross with a big smile this year, too.

Have a great weekend! (If you’re going to the expo today or racing on Sunday and you see me, HOLLER AT MEEEE: “Hey, Thunder Thighs!!!”)


5 responses to “In Tears

  1. nothing can be good if it is too much. I hope that you are concerned with your health and safty first. You have next 20 years to increase your record. If you feel pain, stop it. When I was 19, I felt pain on my foot during half-marathon. I just finished it at that time, but I still feel pain on the same spot.

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