Here I Go (San Jose Rock’n’Roll Edition)


Woke up at 5:40am. I think it’s the best I’ve ever rested before a race (around 6.5 hours… I woke up suddenly around 3:00am and checked the time, thinking I had missed my alarm… which I obviously didn’t, but luckily fell asleep again).

Here is how the day went yesterday.

We had a yummy lunch from Yiassoo for young adult Bible study! I got the chicken souvlaki:

ImageThen I left to go pick up my race packet and ran into some lovely ladies:


The girls in the middle (Yuna and Cindy) will be future SJ RnR racers. Here are the girls running in today’s half:


Susan, tall girl with thunder thighs ;), Joy, and Jennifer! I hope to see you girls today!

I had a quick look around at the expo (some of the vendors were cheap with their samples… handing them out if you asked for it instead of just having it all out there):


Right after I picked up all my swag, I went to Noel’s to visit her and her handsome son:



ImageIt was so great to catch up and play with Urijah! I love seeing him growing bigger and stronger every time I see him 🙂

Oh, and I’m sorry for that scary face in the last picture. Hehe.

Thanks for such a wonderful time, Noel! And also for the yummy carbo-loading snacks:


^(It’s much more than necessary… but I don’t care. I wanted it ALL)


Here’s all the swag:


ImageBut here is the most exciting thing I found in the goody bag:

Image^And also my outfit for the race.


I got to get pho with this guy (and btw, we both got haircuts on Friday. I’m trying out the bangs and finding that it makes my round face even rounder. Whoops):



All set.

I’m hoping for a PR. Pray for me and my darned knee (that there will be no problems!)

Have a blessed Sunday!

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