Yesterday, Joe had a day off from school (and he has today off, too. Lucky guy). He came up to visit me in SFSU and we had a blast!

Blast= ate yummy food. First up? Lunch from Tani’s Kitchen:


It’s hard to see because it was with my computer’s YouCam thingy, but I got the chirashi (something like 11 bucks) and Joe got a combo of beef terriyaki and sashimi (not pictured). It was GOOD.

We had some rice left over so I fried up an egg for each of us to mix and devour. As I was eating this fried egg with rice (yolk MUST be runny!), I was thinking that the best sauce ever would be egg yolk… and then I thought that most people wouldn’t like it AND I would get in trouble for bringing about the worst cholesterol-raising/heart disease epidemic in the history of human kind.

So I’ll just stick with sunnyside-upping my own eggs.

To quote my older brother: “Everything is better with an egg.” Or was it “..with a fried egg”?


I am spoiled. Addie made me some chocolate zucchini bread (which just tastes like BROWNIES, but I have an excuse to eat more than one at a time because it has a vegetable in it, hehehe). I ate it with a baked super sweet potato. It was delicious and totally not a weird combination. Image^I don’t know why I have my chopsticks there. Anyways, I’m so Korean I use my chopsticks to eat soup, cereal, and sandwiches.



Darn. Joe and I went to get super cheap inexpensive dim sum but there was no photo taken! It was eaten too quickly. Anyways, he dropped 15 bucks to feed four people (dim sum AND other Chinese food for me, him, and my roommates) and we couldn’t even finish it all! Crazy cool, yeah?

After a heavy meal and a couple hours to digest, we hit up the gym. Mister Joseph is crazy and he is suuuuper close to benching THREE HUNDRED POUNDS. Yeah. It’s insane.

I was pretty much NOT crazy and did a nice and easy 5 mile treadmill run in 41:43. I wasn’t sore or anything from Sunday’s race and it felt good to just sweat some of the sodium from the yummy eats.


On the schedule today? Perhaps a Bikram yoga class… but I really really want to get in a Body Pump class. I realized that I have gotten significantly weaker in my upper body AND I’m becoming a complete mushball because I’ve lost so much muscle (okay, fine. I’ve just been eating more as well as not lifting, hehe).

Time to get some of that muscle back, friends!

Hope you have a blessed Tuesday!

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