BodyPump and Fartlek

Yesterday, I ate the leftovers from Monday (a BBQ pork bun, a combination bun, and some chow fun). WOW lots of carbs, good about of FAT, plenty of protein. By the time the evening rolled around, I was ready to go workout like crazy.

First up? A one hour fartlek (“speed play”). I took 5 minutes fast, 5 minutes faster pace, 4 minutes slow (7.1 mph), 4 minutes faster (7.6 to 7.8). I kept on going around 4 to 4.5 minutes of each and ended up covering 7.60 miles in 59 minutes.

I was able to keep up the faster pace (sometimes 8.0 mph to 8.2 mph) for a full 4 minutes. I had no knee pain and everything felt GOOD.

Why didn’t I go one more minute? Because I needed to get in a fat line for a Body Pump class. It has been a long long time since I have taken a Body Pump class and this was a new one for me (Release 83). It was insanely crowded so it took a good 10 minutes for everyone to get their bench thingy and their weights. The class was a little rushed because there was a very excited Zumba class wanting to get in. It ended up being less than 50 minutes! At least we went through everything. 


Here are the weights I used:

Warm up: 20

Squat: 35

Chest: 15 <– went lighter because I had a feeling my chest was WEAK. I was right.

Back: 30

Triceps: 15

Biceps: 15 <— only did half because we needed to end sooner. Boo.

Lunges: 20 <— too light. Loved how there are jump squats incorporated into this track.

Shoulders: 5 in each hand.

Abs: crunches.


I’m thinking that maybe those BUNS that we bought will be my day-before-a-race food? They have a thick layer of easily-digestible carbs and the contents inside have plenty of sodium (electrolytes!) and some protein and such. Plus, they’re like 80 cents each. I’ll have to try them out before my long runs.

I got super sore in my upper body only an hour or so after the class. The soreness this morning? Not too bad. My chest and back have some soreness, but I’m not noticing much in my biceps or triceps. Who knows. If it’s DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), I might be singing a different tune tomorrow morning.

Plan for today: Study, study, study, MAYBE Bikram yoga. I’ll probably hit up the gym at night with the roommie, too.

Have a blessed Wednesday, everyone!

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