WTR? (What the Random?)

Here’s something completely random for ya…

I was asked a question today: “Are you related to Michelle Wie?”

… to which I answered: “Not even a little.” <— that might not be true. I could possibly be a LITTLE related to her, haha. Who knows.


I think I have some resemblance to Suzy Nakamura, too (the lady who plays the doctor in Modern Family):


^Maybe not so much in that picture… or maybe a lot. You tell me.


Another random something for ya: I ate a bag of chips that came in the goody back for the RnR SJ Half.  Smartfood Selects Feta Herb Hummus Popped Chips. Whooooooaaa. Sounds crazy, huh?

^And NO I am not wearing a helmet. That’s just my bangs acting wild (or strangely uniform o__O).

Anywho, I ate it with my egg’n’cheese sandwich and it was spectacular! I really like these kind of chips (of the popped variety). This bag is good because it’s just one serving. If it was one of those bags with like 9 servings, then I’d be in big trouble.


Random tidbit #3: Joseph got me back into watching Naruto Shippuden (NOOOOOO… it’s such a time-suck but it’s soooo addicting!). I’ve been watching it during little breaks in my school reading. If I’m not careful, those breaks are going to end up being longer than the actual reading.

Yeah. I enjoy anime… but I try not to get too into them (because I have an addictive personality and will just dive into something and emerge from my cave 3 months later with a beard and immense hunger).

…(not really, but you get the idea).


Hey! Our church is having a Korean BBQ sale on Sunday, October 21st. All profits will go to the Heifer Project.

Check out the video: Get Mooving!

Hope to see you there (if you live in San Jose/Campbell area) 😀


Alright folks. I’m off to take a test. I’m definitely going to the gym with my roommate tonight but I haven’t decided whether a Bikram yoga session will come right before that. We’ll see how I feel 🙂

Have a blessed evening!

2 responses to “WTR? (What the Random?)

  1. Stumbled upon your blog! Every now and then I get asked whether I’m related to either Lucy Liu or Michelle Kwan….I’m Asian as well, so read into that what you will….Congrats for PR’ing on the half you just ran!

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