Reviewing My Goals

Last night’s workout? An easy 5-miler, done in 41:04. I’ve been liking these shorter easy runs. It allows me to sweat and get the blood pumping without getting completely owned.

Speaking of getting owned, that Fartlek and BodyPump workout two days ago left my upper body, thighs, and buttocks super sore! I realize that I need to do something like a BodyPump class at least twice a week to keep my body balanced. Also, yoga twice a week sounds good, too.

Also, I was thinking about some goals I had for the end of the year:

1. Get a PR in the SJ RnR Half marathon. CHECK!

2. Learn how to bench with good form. KIND-OF-CHECK! <— I learned how, and I can do it, but I haven’t benched in DAYS.

3. Two pull-ups. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

4. Get a PR in the full marathon (we’ll see how it goes in December at the CIM).

So I’d better get on that #3 goal, yeah? I should just purchase one of those pull-up bars to use at my apartment and consistently work on it.

Maybe I’ll modify it to a chin-up (palms facing in)? Is that easier?

Apparently not:

Either way… I tried a chin-up last week. I didn’t move an inch. I got off the bars and turned around to see 15 pairs of eyes looking upon my failure in disbelief. I said it’s because I have a huge butt and heavy legs. “Excuses,” they responded.

True story.

Anyways, there’s a reason I gave myself a whole year to achieve these goals. For half of them, I knew I just wouldn’t want to attempt them or work on them (mostly concerning the upper body). The other half? Well those races happen to be toward the end of the year. So I’ve got less than three months to make it all happen 🙂


My lunch:

ImageHow beautiful are those two eggs (haha… fine. It looks a lot better in real life)? I have rice and veggies under there. It was awesome (like I said… egg yolk is the best “sauce”, my friends. I’m sorry for you yolk-haters who are gagging right now).

Dessert? The last chocolate zucchini bread made by Addie! And two squares of antioxidants:

ImageOne would think this tastes as bitter as coffee grounds… but one would be wrong.

It says it’s “deliciously intense, surprisingly balanced.” Surprise surprise, it really was! It’s definitely good if you like DARK chocolate.


Did you achieve your goals from the beginning of this year? (It can be physical, mental, spiritual goals).

Have a blessed Thursday!

3 responses to “Reviewing My Goals

      • I’m scared! Lol! But count me in! Pull ups and chin ups are part of my twice a week workout, I use the assisted machine at the gym and try to drop a plate each weak (less assistance=lift more of my weight). I missed this week (sinus infection), but I’m on it next week! Let’s do this! =>

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