Bonked After 5 Miles… and My Thunder Thighs

Last night, I had a little mental battle going on. A part of me was saying, “Let’s go to the gym! Hurray!!” and the other one said, “But the bed is so comfortable. You should just watch 5 episodes of Naruto Shippuden and call it a night.”

While this battle was going on, I was changing into my gym clothes… one-by-one. First I put my gym top on. After chillin’ a bit, I put my hair in a ponytail and bobby-pinned my hair back. Then a little while later, I had my gym tights on. After I got my shoes on, the battle was over. I figured, “Hey. I have all my gym clothes on… might as well hit the gym.”

Treadmill Tempo Session: 

Today’s tempo called for 3-mile warm-up, 3-mile tempo, and 3-mile cooldown.

First three mile were taken pretty easy (around 8:30 pace). The tempo’s? Well the first two started off well (7:47 pace) and then the third one was all bad. I slowed it to 7:50-something… then 8:00… finally I settled around 8:15ish. Garsh.

After a 3-mile cooldown, I walked for about 0.25 mile to cool-down even more. 

Total: 9.25 mile in 80 minutes. Wow. Pretty slowskies… but also much better than laying at home and doing nothing.

It could have been due to the fact that my dinner was rather light. Yogurt and half of this thing:

ImageBlueberry Cinnamon Flax from Nature’s Path. It was YUMMY! I was surprisingly full before going to my night class (which was canceled!). But of course… it just did not fuel me enough for a hard run. That’s probably why I bonked after 5 miles.

I’m starting to see how important it is to eat (or not eat) certain foods before- and sometimes during- the workout. Luckily, I can still eat pretty much anything and go running after enough time. UNLUCKILY, if I don’t eat enough, after one hour, I just won’t be able to keep that fast pace.


Random thoughts:

I was listening to these two super skinny girls talking about their injuries while they were on the elliptical. They both had stress fractures and a number of other injuries and were getting back into injuries.

Hmm… does having some FAT in my legs help keep me from fracturing (breaking) bones? Or is it that I am just fueling well enough for my body to repair any damages? One person I was talking to in class was surprised that I was a distance runner. She took one glance at my legs and I guess things didn’t add up…

I have thunder thighs, okaayyy? Runners come in all shapes and sizes. A faster runner is not more of a runner than a slow runner. We’re all runners. A heavier runner is not less of a runner than a super thin runner. We’re all considered runners. 

Sometimes, I still get negative thoughts about my legs… it’s a weird thigh/butt complex I’ve had since middle school. I never liked them until I started running.

Not only am I able to run up hills and climb stairs super fast, I have been lucky enough not to have any injury that has sidelined me for a long time (only ITB issues, thank GOD!).

So even if big ol’ muscular thighs are not considered feminine (<— and I’m all about tearing down that social construct of femininity stuff… but I won’t get into that because it would just be too long :P), I have learned to see them as blessings. Now I have an appreciation for them 🙂


Today’s workout:

Treadmill: 30 minutes exactly. Got me 3.60 miles. Enough to get me sweaty and warmed up for…


Warm up: 20

Squats: 35

Chest: 15 <— Oh, good gravy. My arms were jiggling from the first set! But I made it through.

Back: 30

Triceps: 15 <— jiggly arms once more. I had a weird problem with keeping it stable with the narrower grip. Need to practice that.

Biceps: 10 <— I got owned. My biceps are super weak.

Lunges: 20 (and then body weight for the plyo part). LOVE THIS TRACK, SON.

Shoulders: 5-pound plates in each hand. Killer.

Abs: Bodyweight.


Like I said before, I hope I can do BodyPump twice a week (or at LEAST once). It really helps with maintaining some upper body strength and making my legs and arse even stronger.


Tomorrow will be a glorious rest day. Sunday will be an even MORE glorious long run day.


I hope you appreciate the body God has given you. Plus if you’ve let your health slip away from you, it’s not too late to get off the couch and start a walking/jogging/yoga/strength training routine… with doctor’s approval, of course 😉

Have a blessed Friday!

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