Fun Friday Recap

Yesterday was so much fun! I got to see two awesome people again. Noel and Urijah!


We had some time to play and hang out. He’s rolling and moving all over the place now!




We had such a good time. Like I’ve said before, I can just stare at him all day. I can also try to make him laugh but he doesn’t find any of my material good enough for anything more than half a chuckle.

For dinner, Urijah’s aunt (Noel’s sister) came with sushi!


I just realized that the sisters are dressed somewhat similarly. 😉

And OMG sushi!

ImageThere were four rolls and a sashimi salad. We killed it all (except the last few pieces took some time). So yummy! And thanks, Helen, for dinner!

As always, I had such a fun time hanging out with Noel and handsome Urijah!



[I may ruin some of the MOVIE MAGIC with this section… for some of you. If you have not (or have) seen Looper and don’t want to ruin the movie magic, just skip this section]

After dinner, I met up with Joe’s family to watch LOOPER. It was quite an interesting story and has a pretty unique plot (the good guys can also kind of be going against the protagonist because they have their own things to fight for… and all of them could be justified).


It just kept weirding me out that JGL’s face was altered to look like Bruce Willis. Good thing Helen warned me about it because I possibly could have freaken out and walked out of the movie… well, not really. Movie last night cost $11-something!


Yeah. Pretty interesting. They should have just altered Bruce Willis’s face to make it look like JGL’s… but I guess the seniority goes to Bruce, huh?


Here is a photo of me at the finish of the RNR SJ Half Marathon:


Yes. I took a picture of my computer screen because I don’t have monies.

Here are some other ones:




For any of you racers out there, hope you have a fantastic race weekend! I’ll be praying for you to be fully-rested and run strong!

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday 😀

4 responses to “Fun Friday Recap

  1. You look so happy AND pretty finishing that run! I always look like a mess! And your form seems really good as well!

    • Aww thank you so much!
      Haha, I was genuinely happy to be at the finish because I was so pooped.
      But if a camera gets my picture before I can spot them, I usually look super tired 😛

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