The Long Run That Super Duper Wasn’t


I’m so sad.

I woke up at 6:30am to be out on the running trail by 7:15am (sunrise). I got there and it was super foggy and to my great sadness… my Garmin was frozen. I can’t press any buttons and it’s just stuck at “10:27pm Sat Oct 13”.

Yeah. It froze from last night. SIGH.

Since I was already out there, I did a short run over the highway overpass and back. According to it was exactly 3.0 miles. That sounds about right (from when I’ve run it in the past).

3 miles… compared to the planned EIGHTTEEN… so sad.

Also, because of the fog (and apparent 95% humidity, according to, I was soaking wet. And this picture can double as a mug shot:

What’s even worse? I was carbo-loading like CRAZY yesterday! One of the yummiest ones?

PB&J macaron from Bouchon in Napa. Thanks, Josh!!!

Umm… ^this picture was taken with Joe’s phone. His phone takes better pictures than my actual camera… which might be breaking soon because the lens-thingy (<– pretty sure that’s what it’s called) doesn’t close all the way anymore.

Oh, and one of the earbuds for my MP3 player doesn’t work.

This is why I don’t keep up with electronics. It will eventually all break (because I don’t handle them with that much care… hah).


Hey. I wonder if I pray really hard, God will let my Garmin become unfrozen (thaw?). I’m going to pray… and also let the batteries run out and then try charging it again. Hopefully it will come back to normal.


I came home super antsy… but I wanted to do all 18 miles on the road instead of on the treadmill, so I decided to push it to some time during this week. Instead, I put on an Insanity video and got to work!

That last time I did the Insanity Upper Body Weights video was in the beginning of September! So glad I got to do it again. I’m glad to see that I haven’t lost ALL my strength (I didn’t have to move down in weights too much… though I definitely struggled through the last reps on a few of the sets).

I followed it up with 15 minutes of core work with the stability ball.

So it was a long run, but at least I got to work out and sweat!


After church service, I’ll be leading a core/yoga session for some church peoples. Many were sore from the level one stuff from last week… but I think I’ll still incorporate some level 2 stuff this time, hehe.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday! And GREAT JOB to any race finishers! I know there were a lot of races going on this weekend 😉

7 responses to “The Long Run That Super Duper Wasn’t

  1. Oh no that sounds like my Nike watch, it has it’s moments when it doesn’t connect to gps, which is sooo annoying! Sucks about your run but as I always say any run is better than no run and you can always make up another long run during the week! Happy running! Auds 🙂

  2. New reader!

    I’m sorry about your garmin, that is SUCH a let down.
    also, I’ve had mine freeze before..but after a couple of days (i literally didn’t even do anything) it was maybe it’s taking a break and will be back soon 😉 I hope so!

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