Long, Slow, and Hot

Long, slow, and hot are just three ways to describe my 18-miler from today. I can probably add in sweaty, tiring, and chafing… but it just throws everything into too deep a level of unsexy. Anyways…

My run started around 3:30pm after a 2-hour nap. Where did that nap come from? Apparently sitting and working on a research paper for 2.5 hours straight is too much for my brain. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go!

As soon as I stepped out, I was glad I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and short capris. It was pretty hot (just above 70… that’s hot considering that I’ve become accustomed to SF’s cool 60-degree weather). It was also quite sunny!

ImageI ran one loop around Lake Merced (4.5 miles) and then headed out toward the Great Highway for some gentle rollers.

The following pictures are blurry because… I had my sweaty hand all over the camera.




ImageI got into a nice rhythm and wonderful place during this run.

In fact, I was so into the sights and sounds that I forgot to take my energy gel until around mile 12. Oops.

BTW, these are the ones I ate:

ImageUmm… I don’t know about you guys, but I think these taste super gross. It kind of has a hint of whatever flavor it CLAIMS to be… and then it just ends up tasting like berry/medicine. Bleh. I definitely prefer GU. Good thing I was at the water fountain to really wash as much of the taste out.

Also, I have been trying not to listen to music during my runs these days. The only time I did was for the SJ RNR Half Marathon (from around mile 3 to the end). I’m thinking that if I can train without too much music, then I can bust it out during the race and it can help me keep going. Also, there are some races that don’t allow music, so I want to be prepared for that.

Not to worry. I had lots to look at while huffing and puffing along. And as I expected, my legs turned to LEAD around mile 14. Holy crap… doing one more lap around the lake just seemed impossible… but I took it slowly and got it done.

ImagePlus, the sun was going down so the temperature was getting much cooler.

By the time I reached 18 miles, I had a little further to walk up until I was at my apartment. Then again, I was already walk/jogging the last 1.5 mile, haha. Anyways, I walked another 0.20 mile before getting in through the door and feeling AWESOME.

Then came the shower… the time to see about any chafing. GOOD GRAVY, the water hit my lower back and I felt a searing pain. I looked at it later and saw that my Old Navy workout capris are just not gonna do for long runs… I have a nice red rectangle on my lower back (from the back pocket).

Time for me to invest in some good running pants, eh?


So not only are long runs for training, it’s also for you to test run everything that has to do with race day… your fueling (before you go and during your run), the clothes you wear, the pacing, tralala. Lots to look at. It’s also best if you try to run around the same time as the start of the race (early morning). Well, it’s ideal, but any run is better than no run… so just fit it in whenever you can. AND try to train on the similar terrain (if it’s a hilly race route, train on some rolling hills. If it’s a trail run, hit the trail!).


I don’t know how to transfer the elevation graph from Garmin connect… so I will just tell you (ooh! Which means that my Garmin made it through my whole run! Woo hoo!).

Elevation gain: 517 ft.

The run’s moving time was 2:37:19 for 18.21 miles. That makes the average pace 8:38 min/mi (including my walking at the end). So the moving time= the time that I am actually on the move. It takes out the time where I am standing and waiting at the crosswalks or stopping at a fountain to drink water. Pretty cool huh? I actually had to wait at a LOT of lights… but thanks to this nifty function, I don’t have to keep stopping and starting my time.

So even though I took this run at a much easier pace, I still feel like I got good training for running on tired legs (considering all the Insanity and yoga I did yesterday).

Ooh, and calories burned: 2,130. Nice.

… unless that’s for a 150-pound man. Then it’s not nice. What would it be for a 130-pound woman? Hmmm….


I hope you had a wonderful Monday!

3 responses to “Long, Slow, and Hot

  1. What a pace for 18miles, damn! Those sights would keep me entertained on a run, that looks great!

    I’m trying to do that with music as well. No music on treadmills and none until after 4/5miles of an outside run.

    • Ooh that’s great that you are also not relying too heavily on music 🙂
      The pretty sights definitely helps during a long run.

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