The Glitch is Gone (Sort of)

Hello! Yesterday was a weird day for me and my Garmin because it decided to FREEZE completely on me. It pretty much ruined my prospects for an 18-miler because I don’t know the course well enough to do approximately 18.

But last night, I pray as I took it out of my bag and the screen was BLANK.

*GASP*! I saw it as a good sign… seeing something different from the date and time from Saturday… and then I charged it and I was able to finally press the buttons.
It seems to have fixed itself (OR God is really good at fixing Garmins, hehe). Actually, I can press the buttons now, but the battery seems to be running out really fast! Need to do some more praying…
And dude. Since I wasn’t planning on a log run and it didn’t happen, I not only did Insanity and core work but I did even more workouts after church!
Yesterday’s group looked a little something like this:
There were some of the same faces, some different (because this picture is from the previous Sunday).
Anyways, I did half core work and then half level 2 yoga. Oooooh, the SWEAT my friends! I think I was making a bigger puddle than they were! But they got an excellent and tough workout, nonetheless.
Hopefully we can do it consistently so they can begin to see huge improvements.
Some of the good eats from yesterday:
SUBWAY sandwiches on top of a mountain of chips (extra tomatoes and cucumbers… because some of our youth guys apparently don’t like antioxidants and such):
Dessert was muffins and super yummy grapes.
Hahaha, looking at this picture, now I understand why my belly was so bloated after a few hours. All those chips, mang.
Anywho… after church, I gathered all my things for school, played with Vanna, then headed out to dinner.
It has been along time since I’ve gotten vermicelli, but Joe and I finally went to Pho Minh (where they make pretty good vermicelli). BBQ Pork one for me 🙂
There was a big cup of cilantro and onions that got thrown in there after this picture. It was fantabulous. 
This morning, I woke up with my chest and back SUPER SORE. That’s understandable. Doing all those moves for Insanity (with relatively heavy weights) did the trick. My legs seem okay, so I’ll go for the 18 miles today.
Even if they’re a tiny bit sore, I figure it can be good practice for the magical time in the last few miles of the marathon when the legs are like lead… to just keep moving forward.
I’ll bring my Garmin along and hope the battery doesn’t run out, BUT I have mapped out a course (just in case) so I know that it will be 18 miles.
Hope you have a great start to the week!

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