Everything You Need to Know About JOSEPH

This is a special post about someone very close to me….


ImageSince he can be a man of mystery to some people, let me tell you a little about him.

He is scared of big reptiles (especially crocodiles and alligators)…

but he is also really brave, so he was able to stand next to this big Komodo dragon:


He is a big fan of the Lakers (I think the first thing that people will think of when they think of Joe is rather the Lakers or basketball :P):

ImageJoe likes to chill and take it easy (unless he’s playing basketball).


ImageHe has that special bond with Vanna:

Image^(BTW, in this picture, she had just gotten spayed earlier that day and she’s trying to fight off the sedatives to stay awake and hang out with Joe).

Perhaps they get along because they both like to just chill:


Joe enjoys fishing:


And he likes traveling:


ImageBut coolest of all, he likes me (and puts up with my ways):



^Who knows why I’m so drunk with happiness here? (And no, I’m not drunk).

I’ve been blessed to have such an intelligent, funny, and kind person in my life. He not only fills my days with laughter and comfort, but also helps me to grow. More and more, he has been challenging me to get closer in my relationship with God as well as my understanding of the Word.

And he accomplished something AMAZING this week…

Joe benched THREE HUNDRED POUNDS. Yeah. He did it yesterday, and I’m so proud of him! 😀

So if you see him around, you can congratulate him and call him “big shot” or “Hulk” or something (haha, just kidding. Don’t do that :P).

This has been in the works for a while, but now that he hit the goal, he’s thinking of taking of running (or that’s at least what I will tell myself for now, hehe).

So Joseph, great job on your accomplishment! I will make you proud someday and meet my BIG GOAL as well (2 pull-ups. Kind of equates to benching 300 pounds, I think).



Now I’m going to get in trouble for putting the spotlight on him (Edit: I got in trouble, hahaha) because he hates that.


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