Something New, and a Morning Sprint

My day started out with a sprint. Why?

Well I have been working on a research paper for a few days now and it was due this morning. My class goes from 8:10am to 9:00am.

I woke up with a JOLT because I realized it was much too bright out (I usually get up around 7:30am for this class and it’s usually much darker out). “8:52am” my phone says. Whoops. I forgot to set my alarm.

In a panic, I burst out of bed, run to the bathroom… then for a few seconds, I thought, “Oh, wait… I have some time to make it to the start of class…” before realizing “OH, NO… THE ENDS AT 9:00, IT DOESN’T START AT 9:00!!!”

Does it count if I brush my teeth for 7 seconds? Doesn’t matter… no time! I didn’t fix my hair or wash my face… or change out of my pajamas, haha. I sprinted in my red cartoon slippers to my class (luckily, it’s just across the street) and made it to the last 30 seconds of the lecture where he was talking about atherosclerosis.

It probably would have been more fitting if he was talking about high blood pressure and stress. Anyways… I got the paper in and it will not be docked a full letter grade.



Last night, my roommie and I went to the gym. I wanted to do something new after our cardio, so we just did 30 minutes of our own thing before meeting up again.

My 30 minutes was spent on the stairclimber (never-ending staircase of doom perky caboose). Wowz… try clenching your butt cheeks while going up the steps for 30 minutes. Yeah. Glutes on fire the whole time.

Then we met up where the TRX suspension cables are set up.


I think I found my new favorite way to work my core (and my arms of jelly). We not only did moves for the entire core (while trying to get all the wobbling and shaking under control) but some for the chest and back.

If you thought my push-ups on the ground are bad? Just watch me try to do them with the instability of a handle connected to ropes. Yeah. Pretty nasty. And is it really considered a push-up if I go down and then can’t push myself up and end up just holding it there? (Don’t worry… I later walked my feet in to nearly standing to actually be able to push myself up). So sad.

I did some pull-up-like moves with it, so that was awesome (because I would still love to be able to do 2 pull-ups by the end of the year). So 20 minutes on these cables, with plenty of laughs and chuckles, and we were DONE.


I think the reason I forgot to set my alarm is that we got back late from the gym and after I showered, I saw online that FRINGE is out with its new season. Watching one episode so late at night was a bad decision.

Lesson learned.


I would like to get in a speed session today. Thinking 5 or 6x 800’s. I’ll probably have to go to the gym for this… if I do it on the track, I surely won’t be sprinting, har har.

Have a blessed Wednesday!

3 responses to “Something New, and a Morning Sprint

  1. Woot for getting the paper in on time!! I’ve been wanting to try TRX forever!! Looks,like such a good workout! Oh, and side note, was just thinking about you and our pushup goal the other day while I was feeling sorry for myself! Glad youre still pushing for it. I haven’t been able to work on them, been really sick (sinus infection), but I’m on the mend, so it’s on! Lol

    • Ooh yeah! Was it for pushup or pullup? I’m hoping to do the pull-ups 😉
      And I hope you recover quickly from the sinus infection! I know during the times when the seasons are changing, a lot of people get sick (an allergy/inflammation thing leads to sinus and throat infections). Don’t worry, we got the rest of this year for our goal!

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