Comparing to Last Year

What UUUUP? It’s almost Friday! I’m just happy to be over with two big papers for this week. Now I have to prepare for three midterms next week.

Yikes, huh? No. That’s school. I’ll get over it.


Last night, I was planning on going to the gym with my roommate but we BOTH were feeling lazy around the time we were supposed to leave (I just super didn’t feel like driving).

Instead, I unrolled my yoga mat and did 55 minutes of Yoga X (the yoga one from P90X). I skipped the first 5 minutes (just standing there breathing… haha. I did that part when I went to bed, I guess). I did the video up to where they started doing the crane. I’ll muster up the courage to do that one day. Last night? Didn’t feel like falling on my face.


I took a peek at my workout log from last year to see how it compares to this year. Since I’m training for the same marathon in December (CIM) and following the same plan, I can really track how I’ve improved.

Last year’s 18 miler was run on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. That one definitely doesn’t have as many rolling hills as when I run in San Francisco. So last year was 18.2 miles in 2:47. 

This year (again, with more rolling hills) was 18.2 in 2:37.

Swit. Huge improvement.

Also, exactly one year ago, my year-to-date mileage was around 840 miles.

Today, my year-to-date total miles is about 1140. It’s not humongous, but 300 extra miles is pretty cool.

Speaking of 300, you guys know anyone who has benched 300 pounds?


Do you keep track of your workouts?

If you don’t, I really suggest you do. It’s pretty cool to track your progress 😉 and see improvements. If you’re competitive, you’ll want to work hard to beat your “old self” and set new records.


In cooking news (<—HAHA), I have been eating a butt-ton of kale.

It’s super easy to cook down (I heat some oil, throw three big handfuls in, let it reduce, add garlic, salt, and pepper to finish).

I also threw in some mushrooms the other day. Then added it to heated marinara sauce and BOOM, I had a very filling pasta dish. The only thing is that it didn’t have a lot of protein. Whoops.

I also baked up a bunch of potatoes:

Redskin potatoes and three sweet potatoes.

I just read an article in Competitor magazine about Superfoods (called “Superfoods 101, October issue). It talked about our need to eat a variety of foods that are rich in antioxidants.

The issue does say that these “superfoods” are not magic bullets, but they can definitely help us obtain great minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. “Developing a hyper focus on certain nutrient-rich foods such as sweet potatoes and kale can lead health-conscious runners down a beneficial route, but it might also lead to unintended limit of other healthy foods…”  <—WHOOPS.

I’ll try to vary the veggies each week. Usually, I’m super good at making my diet super colorful. I haven’t been doing that to much these days (while I’m at school).


I took two fantastical brownies during a Women’s Health meeting (there was a panel who were there to discuss important healthcare issues involving women in the upcoming election).

… because you know… chocolate has some antioxidants, right?


Just one more day until the weekend!

And I’ll be going to the gym for a tempo run. Wish me luck!

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