Low-Impact, High Intensity

Originally, I wanted to go to the gym for a tempo run last night.

Nah uh. Didn’t happen. Something funky was happening with my knee when I was going up and down the stairs, so I decided not to risk a treadmill run and just kept to some low-impact stuff.

But low-impact can mean high intensity… if you go through Shaun T. I did the 47-minute-long Insanity Max Recovery video.

Image (source)

Why do I feel like I was lied to? I forgot how tough this video can be. There is a segment where you are rather in a low plie squat or doing tiny plie squat pulses without ever getting a break… for 5 minutes straight. WHAT THE…


It was just plain ol’ MEAN. But whatevers. I got through it without coming out of the plie (although… near the end, my plie squat was definitely not as low, hehe).

Anyways, I’m glad I got a heck a sweat on in my little room. Even though I didn’t go to the gym, I still got a booty-blasting workout!

ImageSorry if this picture creeps you out, haha. I know it certainly gives ME the willies.

Anyways, I think I’m getting some of my muscles back…

ImageOr it might just be the low lighting. Who knows.


This morning, I had my early class and then headed straight back to Saratoga to meet up with Addie and Jane! It has been a long time since we’ve gotten together for a workout and lunch. So great to catch up with my big sisters!

As you can see, we did a lot of walking UPhill. We basically started in Downtown Saratoga, went up a huge mountain, and looped back down.

It took about an hour and we covered about 3.5 miles. That’s pretty good speed considering the steep and heavy incline for the first half!

For lunch, we went to Rose’s International Market (they have Persian food).

Addie and I went with the Kotlet sandwich (which is really a wrap):

And Jane went with the kubide (koobide? I forget the spelling) with rice:

That tan colored thing that looks crunchy is the stuff at the bottom of the rice pan. You only get it if you ask for it (so if you like crispy rice- like “noorongji”- then you will probably like that.

And of course, everything must be consumed with huge globs of cucumber yogurt dip:

We’re pretty sure they used the full-fat Greek yogurt for this one because it was so thick and delicious!

Afterwards, we walked around a little more and then went to the Bell Tower Cafe for some dessert!

The weather was so nice so we sat outside 🙂

^Here’s Addie in our little booth outside.

And I got day-old baked goods for us to eat (I think they were a dollar each. 1 cranberry scone and 2 chocolate chip cookies for 2 bucks).

It was so funny to sit here and get the giggles (because we were happily stuffed from lunch and we sat to have some coffee and sweets!).

I’m truly so blessed to have these sisters in my life. God has made sure that I was given examples of wonderful mothers and friends so that I can always have great role models and guidance.

Plus, getting together for workout, lunch, coffee, and sweets is pretty much my all-time favorite things to do 😀


I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Go out and enjoy this beautiful weather, people! (especially with daylight savings coming around the corner, the sun will be gone at like… 5-something).

3 responses to “Low-Impact, High Intensity

  1. Working out, having lunch, some sweets after, gorgeous weather, beautiful surrounding, wonderful company…. what could be better?! Thanks Michelle!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I feel so spoiled 🙂

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