What a Spectacular Saturday!

Hello beautiful people! Happy Sunday!

Let me give you a recap of yesterday. There was so much that went on, btw.

So first, I woke up early to get out to Mountain View for an early morning run with the RunningAddicts! I took two pictures but they were incredibly blurry (try attempting to take a picture when it’s still dark out and you’re running… with a crappy camera).

Instead, I’ll show you Nik’s picture of us after a 3-mile warmup:

ImageWoo hoo! Great warmup 😀

And we split into two groups. I went ahead with a group going around 8:30 pace. Perfect for me. Only thing is that I had to head to praise practice by 9:00am so I had to cut the run short and head back after only a couple miles out. Going back, I picked up the pace.

Mile 6 was 7:35 pace, mile 7 was 7:28 pace. Then the last 0.60 mile? Probably also 7:00-something.

Total yesterday morning was 8.60 miles in 1:11. Average 8:15 pace. Swit.

Good luck to all the Running Addicts who are racing this morning! Ya’ll are going to do spectacularly!!


I dropped by 24 Hour Fitness to take a 2 minute shower… if you can even call it that. Better than nothing though. You’re welcome praise team…

And you’re welcome, baby.


That’s right. I left praise team a bit early to visit Susan and her baby, Eliyah! She has grown soooo much!

I brought along some snackage from Jamba Juice (with a BOGO free card). Fruit and granola parfaits, yo:

ImageAnd after a bit, Noel and Urijah were able to join us as well!

ImageDid you know these two can sit by themselves now??


^It’s crazy how much they’ve grown! Being able to sit up by themselves= huge accomplishment! Soon, they’ll be crawling around everywhere!

As I always say (because it’s so true), these two kids are sooooo blessed with wonderful families! It’s so beautiful to watch them grow up!

Thanks for having us over, Susan!!


Afterwards, at the demands of my gurgling stomach, we headed out to Santana Row for lunch at Pluto’s:


^It’s kind of tucked away behind that umbrella. It’s pretty much our go-to spot for some awesome salad.

I picked my own 7 ingredients and topped it with chicken, AND ordered a side of caramelized squash. Holy goodness, it was DELICIOUS.


I’m not going to list the 7 toppings that went in because I’m pretty sure you don’t give a flying hoot about that 😛

But if you must know something… get a side of those squash thingies. I wonder if it’s only seasonal? In which case, I should get it at least once a week. (It also has caramelized onions and some kind of greens. It makes it awesometastic).

After lunch, we went to Fantasia to meet up with some girls from church. We had a great time talking about funny childhood stories and talking about babies and such (I guess the presence of cutie pie Urijah makes us all want our own, hehe).

I forgot to take a picture of us, GASP. But Here’s a nice picture of Santana Row for ya:


Soon after, I had to head to Joe’s. We were hanging out a bit and then went out with his family to celebrate his dad’s birthday!

We went to Sushi O Sushi! YAY!!! Joe and I ordered together so we could share (we tend to do this a lot so it’s like ordering two entrees, hehe). So we split the Chirashi and some papaya spicy tuna roll:



Unfortunately, this roll was not the one I was going for. Whoops. Whatever, too late. Ooh, the the chirashi was really yummy! It definitely hit the spot for sashimi and sushi rice 🙂


Right after dinner, I went to the youth lock-in to help them make posters and such.

I got there and found that I was pretty much useless because they had already done all the work (even making the games and having the posters done! WOW, who are these productive peoples??). I hung out for just a bit before leaving to study for some MIDTERMS.


I had Vanna come inside to keep me company while I studied.


I bring her in to hang out whenever I need to change out my sheet. Also, I obviously didn’t get to play with her much all day yesterday, so we had some quality time last night (even involving her trying to sneak under my chair to lick my feet. So gross).


So as you can see, not only was my day busy, but it was just plain ol’ FUN. I’m so happy to have all these wonderful people in my life! You always make my days full of joy and laughter!!

And HEY. If you live in San Jose (California) area, come join us for a Korean BBQ to support Heifer International (eat a cow and a live one will be resurrected in a village in need… haha, jk. We understand the irony, though). Come to our church, New Creation United Methodist Church between 10:00am  and 12:00pm for the BBQ sale.

And here is the YouTube video <— CLICK!

If you stick around until service and afterwards, I’ll be leading a boot camp-style workout (so bring your moisture-wicking tees ’cause it’s about to get CRAZY intense!).

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

6 responses to “What a Spectacular Saturday!

  1. Your eats look great! I love sushi, and this makes me want to make some caramelized squash soon. You are pretty speedy! How long have you been running?

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