A Perfect Sunday!

What up???

I just took the first of my midterms. I had such a busy weekend that I didn’t really get to study properly. Oh, well. I’m going to save the freaking out part to whenever I get the test back.

So anyways, yesterday was full of LOTS of activities again!

Knowing my day would be busy, I hit up the gym for a 1-hour treadmill run.

Starting from 7.1mph, I went up 0.1mph every mile until I hit 7 miles, then did a cooldown. I am trying to do more of these progression runs like this super fast woman. She does plenty of progression runs (at much faster pace, of course). This season has been about trying to run faster… and it’s been going okay.

Anyways, I covered 7.35 miles in exactly 60 minutes. For the 0.35, I just jog/walked to cooldown.

Then I went over to pick up Joe and we went to buy some stuff for soup kitchen. Well, it was more like HE went to buy the stuff and was there to keep him company…


… while I did some shopping of my own, hehe:


Yup. I just couldn’t resist.

After all the shopping stuff, we went straight to church to see how the Heifer Project fundraiser was going.


And my, oh, my… it was certainly going! The brothers were busy running around and getting things cooked up:


ImageAnd people were certainly enjoying themselves with the kalbi (Korean bbq shortribs).

ImageThanks to everyone who came out to support this project!

Even Eliyah wanted to come out (with Susan and Russell), hehe:

ImageThe BBQ was a great success! Praise God!

Oh! And for NCUMC, we had a bake sale as well!


I threw a couple stacks their way (<–haha, jk. I wish I had more monies) and took a bunch of goodies:


I tried a little of each and loved all of them. I was saving it for later… only thing is that SOMEBODY FINISHED OFF WHAT I WAS SAVING. SAD FACE SAD FACE SAD FACE.


After lunch, we had some cleaning up and soup-kitchen preparations to do:



There is something beautiful about walking around and seeing everyone serving (whether it’s cooking, cleaning, setting up tables/chairs, etc.). Though Sundays can be busy, it’s fun doing things like this together :). What a wonderful community to be a part of!

After all that, we digested the lunch enough to get in a workout… led by MEEEE.

I wanted to do exercises that didn’t require any equipment. It can literally be done with just your body and some space in your room. Treadmills are expensive. Jumping is free. Jumping burns a lot of calories. You’re welcome.

So we did a lot of core work, some plyo (with modifications available if needed), and lots of pushups. I also brought in some paper plates, which they all LOVED.



^In this picture, they have the plates at their feet, plank position, and they are going from one end of the room to the other using their hands to walk. It definitely targets the core and shoulders. Image

They had to hear a lot of “Tuck the tailbone under! Butt down! Shoulders over wrists! Core engaged!”

It was totally fun, haha.

Here are the comments I got afterwards:

“My butt cheeks are twitching.”

“I tried to play volleyball but my knees were buckling!”

“My legs are shaking.”

“I didn’t know my arms were so weak.”

“I didn’t realize my balance was so bad.”

“I’ll never look at paper plates the same way again.”

Hahaha, so for some of the beginners, this may have been a wake-up to the body (meaning soreness will ensue for the next couple of days). BUT it’s also a starting point. If they work out regularly, then their body will get stronger. This is all the mumbo jumbo I was telling them while they were being tortured with plank variations, jump-switch lunges, and pushup variations.

[Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer. I usually remind them that they can take it at their own pace, use the modifications if necessary, don’t keep going if you’re feeling faint, take breaks, slow-burn is okay… a feeling of something tearing is not okay].


I watched Joe play basketball and then we got pho in Milpitas (Pho Nguyen!).


What a perfect way to end the day 🙂

…. except when I had to drive back to school and cram. That part kind of sucked.


I don’t have my power adapter/charger thing for my laptop! AHHH! You may possibly hear a lot less from me this week. Possibly.


Have a blessed Monday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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