Men’s Health Urbanathlon

Guess what.

There is a race going on right here in San Francisco that involves OBSTACLES. It’s the Men’s Health Urbanathlon! ‘What’s that?’ you say? I’ll let the website do the talking:

“The Men’s Health URBANATHLON is a three-city event series comprised of 9.5- to-11 mile endurance races that incorporate city landmarks and urban obstacle courses set on the streets of three of the largest cities in the U.S. Post race, the excitement continues at the Men’s Health URBANATHLON Festival, with DJ sets, food and drink, and tons of stuff from our sponsors to demo, sample, and take home.”

This one in SF is 10.2 miles and some of the obstacles include the “AT&T Park Stair Climb”, “Monkey Bars and Parallel Bars Combo”, and “Traffic Jam”. You can get a full list here as well as little visuals for what the obstacle will look like. 


You might also be saying, “Umm… this is MEN’S HEALTH, and you’re a WOMAN.” Turns out, girls are totally welcome! In fact, a couple of the top 5 relay finishers from a previous year were girls 🙂

Don’t count on me being a top finisher. I’ll probably be stuck in the “Taxis & Buses to Chain Link Crawl to Wall Finish”. And the really cool thing is that you can do it as a 3-person relay (if you’re not up to do all 10.2 miles by yourself)! Each of you will take a leg of the race and get to go through Fisherman’s Wharf and see the piers! 

Swit. When’s this going down? Sunday, November 18th, 2012. I’m really excited about the opportunity to be able to participate in this event! (Plus, since I live in SF now, I don’t have to worry too much about the drive up). 

If you want to join in this urbanathlon, you can sign up here. 


Okay. Now that I got a nice break thinking of this up-coming race, I’m going to get back to studying, haha. 

Have a wonderful evening, everyone!

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