Get It Back

As you probably know, I had a strong conviction about what God wants me to focus on in the future (not necessarily as a career, but to always keep this certain group of oppressed people in my heart).

I got a wonderful message from Helen yesterday through Facebook:

“What timing! The president of She is Safe is speaking at my church this Thursday. I can’t go but if you want more info, let me know! Even if you can’t, check out their website: They have a way for people to raise money and awareness through running! I’d totally be up for starting a team with you :)”

AWARENESS THROUGH RUNNING… whoooooaaaaa. God has put this organization right in front of me. He is truly working in wonderful ways, people. How amazing!

I checked out the website and they have a “Run to Rescue” section. Pretty swit, yeah? Is this why God gave me a passion to run and a heart that breaks for the oppression and injustice facing women and girls around the world? Perhaps. I’m beginning to see more and more of it all now 🙂

Continue to pray for this. I really hope to free as many girls from this slavery as possible and bring healing through Christ to make them whole again. And when I say “I”, I mean that I want God to use me and work through me to make it all happen.


Yesterday was full of randomness. As far as a workout? It was super all over the place.

First I was in the weight section for about 20 minutes. I used the GRAVITRON something something (where you can do pull-ups and dips while it takes some weight “off”). I first started by taking 70 pounds off for my pull-ups.

I did not budge an inch.

Okay, fine. 80 pounds off. Still nothing.

90? Nopes. 100 pounds off… and I finally got in one pull-up and one narrow-grip chin up.

I must not be using the right form. If my calculations are correct, that means I’m struggling to pull down 30 pounds??? GASP now you know how much I weigh! Haha, jk. I don’t care.

So yeah. I need to practice the correct form… I thought it was similar to a lat pull-down, but I remember Joe saying that he can feel his core being engaged a lot for pull-ups.

Anyways, two pull-ups OR chin-ups by the end of the year seems tough. I’ll still try though.

I did some chest press machines. There’s a cool one where the handles swivel AND each side is independent of the other (meaning lots of shaking and working to keep them level… kind of like when you’re benching?). To me, I explained that perfectly. To all of you, you only have a vague understanding of what I’m talking about.

I did 60 and 70 pounds, 12 reps, 3 or 4 sets and my arms were SHAKING. Jell-O arms= done with the weights section.


Then I did 15 minutes on the stairclimber. Sweaty. Level 10. Nothing crazy.


I went over the the TRX suspension cables and got to work on some core stuff. When I was in plank position and pulling my knees in and stuff, my arms started quivering. That upper body workout really woke up my muscles!

ImageSpeaking of muscles… whatever I had in the summer is gone now.

That picture probably would have looked better if I made my bed. Whoops.

Anyways, that was around the time when I was really focusing on lifting heavy. Now that I’m in marathon-training mode, I’ve kind of put my strength training to the side. Since I don’t want to end up having to start from square one with the strength stuff, I need to incorporate days where I can lift heavy (or at least put in a Body Pump class).

So do you think I can get back my musculature while also running spectacularly in my marathon (I just want to PR)? I sure hope so.


On the agenda today, study for my third and final midterm of the week, write a short paper for today’s class, get in a run (I’m thinking a 1-hour fartlek).

Have a blessed Wednesday, everyone!

4 responses to “Get It Back

    • Yeah. Something about the marathon is all-consuming. If I was training for a half, I think I could keep up the lifting.
      Oh, well. I’m sure crossing the finish line will be worth losing the definition in my delts 😉

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