The Most Beautiful (and the Ugliest) Run

This is a quick post!

Last night, my roomie and I went to Olive Garden to try the 2-for-1 dinner deal (you eat one there and get to take a second one home for $12.95). Being that we are now poor college students, we made sure to have a couple rounds of (complimentary) salad and breadsticks:Image


I went ahead with a 4-cheese meat sauce spaghetti dish (you can only choose from 5 certain pasta dishes):Image

Here is Joanna, my workout partner and close friend. We hit it off right away and can tell stories and laugh and talk about our faith lives for HOURS. I’m so blessed to have her as a roommate!


Okay. Going to skip to last December. Here is the exact moment I became a marathoner:


Yeah. It pretty much changed my life to be able to run my first (and only) marathon in 3:40. I’m going to be running my second marathon at the same place: the California International Marathon (from Folsom to Sacramento) on the first Sunday of December. Can’t wait!


oOOOh check out what I bought from Trader Joe’s yesterday:ImageBreakfast was toast… one with almond butter and one with the pumpkin cream cheese… each bite of toast with a bite of banana and a sip of coffee. I”m glad we can’t see what goes on inside the mouth when we eat. It must get pretty gross in there. Image

And after about an hour of digesting my breakfast, I headed out for a run.

I know how blessed I am to be right next to a lake and the ocean… but I went up even FURTHER today and found how I am so flippin’ close to the beautiful coastal views!Image

What made this so beautiful is that I was just running along the coast (on a bright a sunny afternoon, might I add) and I even got a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge! Joanna (since she’s Miss Los Angeles) has been dying to see the Golden Gate Bridge! That’s were we’ll go next week 🙂Image

Lots of incline in the middle. I added that in because my knee (the stupid right one again) started hurting. This time, it wasn’t tightness but a sharp pain. GOOD GRAVY, I’m not going to mess around. I jogged when it felt okay and walked when the pain came back. Alternating jogging and walking wasn’t part of the plan for this run (it was supposed to be 20 miles)… that’s the ugly part. ImageOh, well! I got to discover more of this beautiful city and still got in 15.50 miles.

The pace? Well the moving time of this run was 2:23:38 (meaning all the time I spent waiting to cross at the lights was almost 4 minutes!). 9:16 per mile… I don’t know how that is possible when I was barely even running. I was sure it would be closer to 10. Swit.


I just went to class and it was on the third floor. Good, GOD, my right knee was so angry!! It was incredibly tight and going down after class was even worse.

I’ll have to salonpas the crap out of it today (or at least massage it through out the evening).

The reason for all the hurting? Well I added up the miles on my Asics (the shoes I use the most for running… most of the miles on concrete/paved paths) and the total is just under 550 miles. The Road Runner Sports guy told me that shoes need to be replaced every 500 miles (or even a little less on harder surfaces… like concrete).

WHOOPS. I guess it’s time for new shoes this weekend. I’m pretty sure that is the source of all the pain.


Hey! Any suggestions on running shoes for long distance running? (and preferably no more than 100 bucks… because I have no monies)? Let me know!

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