How I Started the Weekend

Some awesome things happened yesterday.

I had my early morning class and then I packed up my things to head home (from San Francisco to San Jose area). But first, a gym session!

I wanted to go heavy on the legs today, but I knew I would have to take it easy depending on how the ITB in the right knee would feel. Thankfully, squats were okay! Since I haven’t done squats in a while, I decided to take it easy to gauge my lower body strength level.

1st set: 95#, 12 reps (warmup)

2nd set: 115# 12 reps

3rd set: 125#, 12 reps

4th set: 135# 12 reps.

Wowz. I was surprised! I can do still do 12 reps of 135 (with some struggle in the last couple of reps… knees buckling and crap like that). Now originally, I wanted to do 5×5’s… but I have no idea what that number is going to look like for 5 reps max… if it’s going to be 135 or 175 (<— which I’ve never done, btw. I don’t even know if my upper body can support that). We’ll see if I ever get to do 5×5’s.

(Also, there was some crazy guy who was doing shoulder shrugs with more weight that I had for my squats. How is that even possible??? I thought I was super cool and stuff with my “heavy” weights… and that guy just made me feel wimpy, haha).

Then I tried some lunges… NAH UHHHH. My knee did NOT like that! So I stopped and hit the shoulders. Nothing crazy. Just ten minutes or so with 7.5 dumbbells and 10 pounders, and then 5 minutes of burnouts with 5’s.

Since I didn’t want to do much impact stuff until I got new shoes, I just stuck with the elliptical60 minutes, resistance at 12. Forward for 40 minutes, backwards for 20 minutes. Varied the incline from 4 to 16 throughout. Great sweat! But it’s nothing like running 😦


Dentist appointment today.

I go to (quite possibly) the nicest dental office EVERRRR. I saw three different people- not because my teach are horrible- and they just made me feel so comfortable and happy 😀

My hygienist told me my teeth look good but suggested I still floss everyday. I told her I usually floss everyday during the week leading up to my appointment, hehe. I’ll have to work on this one.

My dentist said there seems to be no problems and that my teeth look great (SCORE, I’ve never had any cavities in my adult teeth!… oh, great. I’ll probably get a cavity when I’m not covered by insurance or something).

Then the person doing a mold for my night guard told me I have very straight teeth (considering that I lost my retainers like 4 years ago) and that my orthodontist did a great job on them. She even asked me if I bleach my teeth or have them whitened.

Let me tell ya… I walked out of there super proud and kinda cocky, hahaha.


Then I went to Joe’s to pick him up and drag him to the Sports Basement with me! You know how I was looking for new ones? Well this girl told us that she loooooves her Brooks PureFlow so I had to check it out. I sat and read nearly 100 reviews before deciding I would try these out.

It is a mix of those minimalist shoes and regular cushioned shoes. Some of the reviewers described their run as “running on clouds” or “running on marshmallows”. I want to run in clouds/marshmallows! And I’m sure the knee would appreciate it. In fact, many of the reviewers said their nagging injuries (such as ITB issues) and such went away once they switched to these shoes!

The only things are concerning the tongue slipping to the sides, that there isn’t much traction (so only good for dry weather), and it wears out around 400 miles? No problemo. They were $90! That’s pretty flippin’ inexpensive when you compare them to other running shoes!! Let’s just hope I like them.

What made it even sweeter is this:

ImageOh, sweetness. I loves me a $25 gift card AND 10% off. I won this in a race when I got second female finishers. SWEEEET.

I bought like 6 GU’s… my favorite flavors so that I can have motivation for my long runs (I got 3 Peanut Butter ones, though I haven’t even tried them yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll love it).

ImageSorry this is such a bad picture… I took it in the car and didn’t bother to take a better one, haha.


After hanging out for a bit, Joe and I met up with my older brother (Alex) and Tammy!

Image^I think they were sharing funny office stories. They work for the same company!

So we went to Buca di Beppo for a “4 for $40” deal. It comes with a huge salad:

ImageGarlic bread (this was the main reason why this deal is so awesome… this garlic bread is AWESOMETASTIC. And afterwards, you’ll have the burps to remind you of them all night, haha).

ImageAnd baked ziti with chicken:

ImageYeah. Lots and lots of carbs. You’re not even seeing the regular bread we ate with balsamic vinegar and olive oil!

So much food, so much fun. Thanks, Oppa, for a wonderful dinner! 😀


This morning, I woke up earlyish to go for a test run in my new shoes! Well, I actually didn’t want to RUN too much yet, and in order to not get tempted into busting out like 7 miles, I brought someone for accountability:

I knew she would keep me from running because she does a lot of this:

You know, the usual dog stuff. No problem. I just got to enjoy the view as well as be PAIN FREE, GASP.


Seriously. If it wasn’t for Vanna, I would have busted out hill repeats at this hill. I was even comtemplating whether I should drop her off at home and then come back… but I’ll save it for next week or something.

So our run ended up being 2.75 miles, and though we were out there for over 55 minutes, the moving time was 48 minutes (the dog wanted to smell stuff… which I don’t mind at all 😉 )

And the elevation gain was just under 600 feet. Pretty good considering the short walk… okay fine, I may have put in a few burst of running during the walk. Why? Because the shoes were so comfortable and I had no pain in my kneeeee!

Vanna was equally as thrilled!

Thanks, Brooks, for creating such amazing shoes! They are super light and comfortable and magically made my ITB tightness disappear! I LOVE THE PUREFLOWS.

^BTW, I was told by the shoe guy to always untie the shoes laces when taking off the shoes after a run. I always used to just stick my finger in as a shoehorn and the heel would get all stretched and warped. I’ve been doing that since my last pair of shoes because I want them to last as long as possible.

Oh! And there was no problem with the tongue sliding around for me 😀 (but, of course, I’ll have to test them on a longer run to really see if they could last me for the marathon).


Oh, yeah. I got home and did 30 minutes of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 video (week 4). I skipped the stretch stuff because I have to blog and wash up for Bible study.

Oh, man. I haven’t done plyo like that in a while and it was KILLERRR.


Hope you had a wonderful start to the weekend!

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