Off to the Morgan Hill Marathon

Yes, I’m heading over to Morgan Hill to participate in the marathon… as a volunteer, hehe.

I stopped by at the expo yesterday (and dragged Mister Joseph around with me). It was small, and I just went by to pick up my shirt so that I don’t have to go super duper early to pick it up before the race.

The only thing worth mentioning? The RUNNING ADDICTS! I’m excited for all the pacers today… as well as the racers, of course. Good luck to everyone!


Since we were relatively close, we stopped by at Gilroy Outlet to see if there was anything good. I just ended up getting some hand cremes from Bath&Body Works. Then we went back toward Saratoga.

Before going to my home to play with Vanna, we dropped by at Gene’s Fine Foods Market for some early dinner. Salad for me, tri-tip sandwich for him.

This salad had so many things that I didn’t even add dressing! Sprouts, corn, cheese, wontonish thingies, a butt-ton of beets, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, kidney beans, peas, and two handfuls of glazed walnuts (not in the picture yet). It was perhaps an odd combination, but SO GOOD.


There was a last minute gathering with the sisters for some dessert last night!

I have always wanted to try Cafe LaTTea (always= I passed by it once and wanted to go), and now we were finally here!

I ordered the Red bean pudding milk tea (BOMBTASTICALLY GOOD):

And ordered a Matcha- something honey toast. It was SOOO YUMMY (it’s got red bean, green tea ice cream, strawberries and other fruit with chocolate drizzle… how can it not be good?):

And the center has cubes of honey bread in it (okay… this is not the most appetizing picture because it’s blurry and it looks like the Hulk just ran through a brick wall… sorry):

Can you see the cubes of bread hiding inside? I got to those suckers real quick. Unfortunately the girls were too full to eat a lot of it. Fortunately, I just don’t get full around sweets (so I polished off this plate, no problem).

I love my church girls 😀

I love our conversations, story-telling, and laughs 🙂 Can’t wait until next time we get together!


I am leading a workout at church after the volunteering (I’ll be around mile 16 for the marathoners). Since I know I will not make time to stop by the gym after all that, I’m going to just do an hour on the elliptical to sweat it out. Though I’ll probably be longing to run WHILEST cheering on the runners… but I will fully give my enthusiasm and energy to encouraging the racers!

Today’s church workout? I think I’ll just go with some yoga. Apparently everyone was suuuuper sore from last week’s workout (some were sore for several days straight!). I’ll take it down a notch for a while and then make it all intense again around the New Year ;D


GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE RACERS THIS WEEKEND! Good luck to the Running Addicts PACERS! It’s going to be a beautiful day!!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

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